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What's Your Pick for the Best Supernatural TV Show EVER?

What's Your Pick for the Best Supernatural TV Show EVER?

On Friday I started my 50,000-word NaNo novel...and I'm already thinking of how I'm going to reward myself when it's done. The plan: reread EVERY SINGLE HARRY POTTER (this is also my Chrismukkah present to myself), and then binge-watch a creepy, supernatural TV show that will keep me from doing anything crazy (i.e., leaving the house) throughout the bleak months of winter.

The problem is, there are approximately 900 paranormal and otherwise magical TV shows to choose from, all full of wisecracking hot guys, brooding hot guys, smart hot woman, dark-as-night humor, and loads of demons, ghosts, fairy tale characters, curses, and B-list actors I've never heard of. Should I let American Horror Story scare the Spandex holiday-cookie pants (don't judge) off of me? Should I hang with the hot brothers of Supernatural (I hear they love girls in crumb-covered pants)? Should I laugh at death with Dead Like Me or Pushing Daisies? Or go down the rabbit hole with Once Upon a Time in Wonderland? WHAT DO I DO I'M PARALYZED BY OPTIONS

Two caveats:

1. Super-violent stuff makes me cover my ears and hum.

2. No police procedurals. Because zzzzzzz

So. What should I start watching on December 1st? What's the BEST supernatural show out there?

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