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11 Pieces of Dorm Decor For Book Lovers

11 Pieces of Dorm Decor For Book Lovers


Sick of lame band posters and weird fuzzy carpets? Stock up on these items to style your space literary-style this year instead.

Paul Clifford Pillow
Etsy shop BookFiend has so many goodies for a book lover. From bags to pillows to jewelry, this place has everything you need to strut your book-reading stuff. Our favorite item, though, is the Dark and Stormy Night pillow, which quotes the very famous opening line of Paul Clifford and has a vintage typewriter on it. Spooooooky, but stylish!

Writer Quotation Magnets
Another Etsy shop, 5orSixTalents, sells this great and inexpensive magnet set with quotes from William Shakespeare, Rainer Maria Milke, E.E. Cummings, and Jack Kerouac. Put them on your fridge of study snacks and be inspired to ace your English lit exam!

Hogwarts Print
Society6 is the place to go for unusual shirts, laptop covers, and prints when you’re bored with what the school poster sale has to offer. Remind yourself just how beautiful the coolest school in the world is with this amazing print by artist Alice X. Zhang. Whether you’re a Harry fan or not, this is a nice landscape to take you away when you’re feeling bogged down by school stress.

Hunger Games Arena Print
Remind yourself that the odds are indeed in your favor (because you don’t have to fight for your life, for one) with this awesome map, also from Society6. Who’s hungry?! We crack ourselves up.

Charles Dickens Little Thinker Doll
Just because you retired your American Doll collection years ago doesn’t mean you can’t have grown up, intellectual dolls to decorate your space. Keep your desk classic and literary with this adorable (but smart!) Charles Dickens Little Thinker.

“What Would Atticus Do?” Poster
Tough decision? Moral dilemma? Think of the most honorable, fictional lawyer of the South with this simple but powerful poster. Aha. Decision made! Tacos for dinner it is!

Penguin Clothbound Classics
These gorgeous classics, including Emma, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and Wuthering Heights, are decorated so stylishly, you might stare at them for hours before actually cracking the spine. Keep all your favorites around your dorm, rock them to sleep at night, read them, kiss them … whatever floats your book!

“No Admittance” Bookends
Keep your book nook all nice and Hobbity with this Lord of the Rings bookend. Let your roommate and friends know where you stand on pretty much everythaaaang: “No admittance Except On Party Business.”

Book Bookends!
Whoasies, it's BOOKS THAT ARE BOOKENDS. Score one, art deco.

“Nevermore” Throw Blanket
Whoa, feeling dark much? Snuggle up in this very spooky Edgar Allan Poe blanket with “The Raven” on it. Though it’s a little odd to keep yourself cozy with something so creepy, we think it’s great for hot tea breaks and movie (and book) nights!

Teapot Lamp
Okay, so this isn’t from any particular book, BUT it reminds us so much of Alice in Wonderland! Feel mad as a hatter when you use this red teapot lamp from Etsy shop ThistleandJug bedside to read at night. Kitschy-kitschy!

What are your décor must-haves?

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