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Enter Our Caption Contest! UPDATE: Winner!

Enter Our Caption Contest! UPDATE: Winner!

"Sadly, Cowboy Steve had no idea that when Conductor Bob played musical chairs, he played for keeps."

CONGRATULATIONS to you_are_in_charge_of_you for the winning caption, which made us LLOL (literally laugh out loud) when we read it. I figuratively hand you the Mace of Japery (seen below in gold leaf) for this round of the Caption Contest.

It should also be said that there were some great tummy-rubbing entries from the field - transmissions2themoon had another corker that deserves a shoutout here.

Stay tuned for the next Caption Contest!


Hey there, funnybones. Seems like these days everyone is a comedian. In fact, a lot of Sploggers and Sparkitors ARE comedians in the dead of night, and it seems like you monkey brains might be comedes in the making, too! To put that suspicion to the test, we're running some caption contests.


Just write your caption for the above cartoon in the comments section, and we'll crown a winner, who gets to wield the Mace of Japery* for a day inside the internets and enjoy a can of unicorn meat (just send us a postal cheque for $9.99).

*Japery is a word. Please check your dictionary is up to date.


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