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Writer Wars Winner: "Whispers in the Walls" by The_Lucky_Cat!

Congrats to The_Lucky_Cat, whose latest entry earned not only the Sparklers' Choice Award but the Dagger's Choice Award as well—and it's the second time she's won both! Ladies and gentlemen, I think we may have a future Pulitzer-winner in our midst. Click through the slideshow to check out her spine-tingling tale, accompanied by Reid Faylor's fantastic illustrations, and then head over to Writer Wars to submit a story for today's brand new prompt!

—Chelsea Dagger

Topics: Books, Life
Tags: sparkler stories, writing, slideshows, creative writing, writer wars, illustrated slideshows, writer wars winners

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Reid Faylor is a stand-up comedian, cartoonist, writer, and whimsically bearded gentleman living in New York City. He owns a cat named Mr. President. You can follow his tumblr at

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