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Rixton's "Make Out" Is Our New Favorite Jam!

Rixton's "Make Out" Is Our New Favorite Jam!

Love adorable British boy bands but sick of One Direction? Do you need an outlet to make fun of all the pop hits of today? Then you have got to meet, Rixton! These guys are a bunch of UK hotties with a stellar sense of humor and a catchy song in which they sing "Make out" over and over again. Okay already, we'll make out with you, Rixton!

This video is super funny and the song is amazingly infectious. Rixton’s new jam is like if Ed Sheeran and fun. made a song in the style of Taylor Swift’s "22" and the Spice Girls' "Wannabe." So, obviously, it's amazing. Here are our favorite moments:

1. The bro forehead kiss in the beginning.

2. The pre-date forehead kiss in the end.

3. Washing the plush tiger under the tap. Wha?

4. Outrageous amounts of naked ankle. Hawt!

5. All the shouting of "Let’s make out!" Since we learned how to square dance, we've done pretty much whatever a song tells us to.

6. The Katy Perry "Roar" parody and obviously the Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball" moment … as well as Rihanna in the bathtub … and Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Robin Thicke!


7. The cute roundup in the kitchen, chock-full of ambition to make history. And pleasant British accents. Mmmmmm hmmm.

8. Jake, who looks like a cross between Daniel Radcliffe and Chris Colfer (Dris Radfler?)

9. The name “Rixton.” It sounds like Twix and we’re obsessed with those right now because it’s almost Halloween.

Take a look!

Okay, guys. We’re officially hooked on Rixton, and can’t wait for the next parody video! Please make one, blokes!

What did you think of the video?

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