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How to Be Good With Money

How to Be Good With Money

In these hard economic times, it's important to use your money wisely (right after you buy those tickets to the Kayne West concert). But sensible spending isn't the only way to be good with money, just ask us: people who know money. Like we know it. Personally. Check out these handy tips to make sure your greenbacks never get the blues.

Appreciate Your Money

Every day take out your money and tell it all the reasons why you love it so. Then give Abe a big kiss on those emancipated lips.

Respect Your Money

Hey, don't treat your money like a used text book, bending and ripping the corners like some animal. A bill should be cared for and only be folded over once (or twice if you're doing a magic trick).

Keep it With Friends

Make sure $5 bills are always with their friends, $1 and $10 bills. Nothing makes a lower domination bill feel more insecure than having to spend a afternoon next to a $50 and listening to all its big plans for the mall.

Show Your Money Off to Friends

Nothing makes a dollar bill happier than being rubbed in the face of a friend with no dollar bills.

Invest Your Money

Show that money you care by investing it into something worthwhile, like a box of triple- or quadruple-blade shaving razors, or Seasons 1-3 of True Blood.

Take Your Money on Vacation

Take your money around the world and see how powerful it becomes. A dollar might only buy you a candybar back home, but take it to abroad and it will award you two,  maybe three candybars at least!

Visit Your Money

It's okay to be  frugal with your money, but  if you are not using it, remember to at least say hello every once and a while. Check your account online, or better yet go into the bank and say hello, face to presidential face.

Learn More About Your Money

Sure, you know how to spend it, but do you REALLY KNOW your money? What are its likes and dislikes? Does your $10 bill like to be used on movies or does it prefer to be spent on pictures of long walks on the beach?

Introduce Your Money To Your Parents

If you and your money are serious, then the time will come to introduce it to the family. And by that, we mean pay them back.

What are your good money tips?

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