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10 Ways To Be A Stellar Roomie

10 Ways To Be A Stellar Roomie

Having roommates is great! But it can also be a real pain in the clavicle if you have no boundaries or have never had to share living space with anyone before. Here's a list of what to if you're a roomie newbie!

1. Be honest about your sleeping needs. If something is important or of concern to you, let it be known! But nicely. 

Example: "Hay guuuurl, would you mind waiting to blow-dry your hair 'til around 7 a.m. instead of 5:30? I need the extra zzz's in the morning—I don't need my eyebags to be any bigger, amarite?"

2. Be equally considerate about sleep time. 

Example: "Hey buddy! I know that snoring is louder than the booming voice of our R.A., so let me know if it's keeping you up and I'll make an appointment with the campus doctor about my nasal passages!"

3. Make an effort to get to know your roommate. 

Example: "I've noticed you like Beyonce. I, too, am a 'Single Lady!' Want to catch a movie sometime?"

4. Snacks. Snacks. SNAAAAACKS!

Everyone loves 'em, so if you pick some up, be prepared to share! Snacks are great icebreakers and also a great way to show you care when your roommate is endlessly studying for her killer astronomy exam.

5. Smells!!!!

Keep your place smelling great. Aromatherapy and pleasant smells are good for the soul, while stank has the opposite effect.

Tip #1. Courtesy flushes.
Tip #2. Freshen the air with candles, those weird oily stick things (Ed: They're called "diffusers," and now we're having flashbacks to our time at Pier 1, brrrr!) or fresh flowers.
Tip #3. Open the window every now and then. While you're there, sing something from My Fair Lady.
Tip #4. Throw out the trash when it's full. Throw it out earlier if it's full of leftover curry, fish bones, or failed wiccan potions.

6. Practice courtesy when it comes to guests.

If you have a romantic friend (ooooooooooohhhh) or just a regular biffle coming over, let your roommate know when and how long, or if you're super nice, ask your roomie if it's okay. Don't overdo it, and set some boundaries up front so there are no misunderstandings that lead to fights  in the future. In addition, make sure you always introduce your guests to your roomie and never make him/her feel like a stranger in their own space. Courtesy counts!

7. Familiarize yourself with each other's schedules and let each other know when you're going out of town.

Nothing's worse than wondering if your bunkmate got abducted by aliens over the weekend. Don't MAKE us call Scully.

8. Don't leave notes! 

Unless it's a nice card or nice friendship letter, don't write your roommate to bring up something that bothers you. This includes texts. Get it out in the open so there's no misreading tones.

Example: "Hi Jennifer! Can we talk about something I'm concerned about? I am down with your Hobbit collection, but could you make sure you're don't leave Frodo on my bed?"

9. Cleanliness. 

If you've never been a neat person, now is the time to start incorporating a few spick habits in your life. (ATTENTION: "Spick" has launched a solo career, separate from "span.") Keep the floor, bathroom, and surfaces clean by doing a once-over weekly. It's a start and your roomie will appreciate the effort. Mr. Clean, eat your heart out!

10. Enjoy having a roommate! 

Whether you guys are together for a single semester or four years, before you know it your time together will be over! Invite each other out occasionally, email each other funny links that remind you of one another, and ask your bunkmate about their day. BUILD A FORT TOGETHER! It is the little things that make a difference!

What are your tips for living with a roommate?

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