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The Pink Helmet Posse Will Make You Wanna Take Up Skateboarding So Hard

The Pink Helmet Posse Will Make You Wanna Take Up Skateboarding So Hard

Whoever says girl power is dead is a big ol’ dummy, because the coolest crew around is bringin' it back with their pink boards and helmets and amazing bowl skills.

The Pink Helmet Posse, made up of Relz Murphy, Sierra Kerr, and Bella Kenworthy, say they’ll be skating into their thirties and that they think girls should definitely get into the skateboarding game.

You can scope out their site,, to learn about the grommets, see some sweet half pipe moves … and find out what grinding might be. Plus, the girls have adorable pics and this mega awesome mantra:

“We know it can be intimidating, but we’re here to show you that skateboarding is not just for boys. Come skate with us … you don’t have to have a pink helmet, but we think it looks pretty cute.”

Holy sheeeesh-kebabs! These girls are only six, and they have a mission statement! We could barely pick a statement for our outfits today!

These girls are our heroes. Now excuse us while we go find a board, helmet, and a bunch of other protective gear so we can be just like them. Gnarly!

[Via Jezebel]

What extreme sport would you try?

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