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Quiz: What's Your Halloween Costume Style?

Quiz: What's Your Halloween Costume Style?

You’re a Halloween costume whiz, but you just don’t know it yet. Answer these five questions to find your All Hallow’s Eve destiny…


1. _________ is/are the absolute, number one, bestest, most spectacular part about Halloween.

a. Parties

b. Blood

c. Candy

d. Paganism

e. Makeup


2. How do you feel about Halloween costumes?

a. They’re a great way to coordinate with besties!

b. When you're putting on makeup, nothing brings out your eyes quite like a dangling optical nerve.

c. Whatever scores the most sugar is good with me.

d. A pointy hat, a sheet with holes in it, or a mask never went wrong.

e. It’s my time to shine.


3. Which of these costume ideas appeal to you most?

a. Minions from Despicable Me

b. Anything that resembles the zombies in The Walking Dead

c. A pumpkin spice latte

d. The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus—namely, Winifred. DUH.

e. Anything you can place the word “sexy” in front of.


4. What is your one essential accessory for the month of October?

a. A large, even-numbered Twitter following. But that’s my number one accessory for life.

b. Fake poo, fake vomit, fake spiders, fake rats … do I have to choose one?

c. Caramel apples. Yum. YUM. Why is this only acceptable in fall?!?

d. A wand.

e. Glitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5. Which of these descriptions best fit your socks right now?

a. Two colorful, matching cotton gems of perfection.

b. Two mismatched, stained old white soldiers. Gritty and raw, the way I like ‘em.

c. Cotton candy and ice cream printed. Think Katy Perry circa 2010.

d. Orange and black stripes … duh.

e. Socks? I’m rockin’ a smokin’ hot pedi with some open toes.


How did you do?


Mostly As: GROUP style. You get your kicks out of a well-planned and perfectly executed coordinated costume lineup with your friends. Lucky you, there are so many options out there. The hard part is getting everyone to play along. If you can pull this off without a hitch, consider a career in event planning someday.

Mostly Bs: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Oh sorry, you frightened us because your style is flippin’ scary to the max. To you, Halloween is all about the fear, and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. Just stay away from us with that monstrous mischief. We have high blood pressure.

Mostly Cs: Yummy! You’re the masked crusader in the muffin costume! You love the sweets that come along with Halloween and think your love of food should be exhibited through clever costumes. Trendy food ideas for this year include but are not limited to: cronuts, ramen burgers, green juice, and sriracha sauce. Good luck out there, foodie!

Mostly Ds: You’re CLASSIC HALLOWEEN. Without you, we’d forget what Halloween was all about: witches and pumpkins and stuff! Thanks for keeping us grounded, you. You show the town that you mean business in your badass white sheet.

Mostly Es: You’re the Halloween glamazon. If there was a sash and crown given to the most gorgeous on Halloween, you’d have won it five consecutive years in a row. Your costume idol is Heidi Klum. You love to be crazy with the glitter and paint, and slightly sexified at the same time. We don’t even have to give you any ideas, because you’ll probably try to top them anyway. WOOOORK it, home-skillet!

What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

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