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Auntie SparkNotes: Update Party!

Auntie SparkNotes: Update Party!

It's everyone's favorite time here at SparkLife HQ: update time! A bunch of letter-writers from columns past have written back to tell us how they're doing, and as always, the news is delightful.

The college student with a crush who kept climbing into her bed, even though he was dating someone else, wrote back to say:

Things have gotten so much better I confronted "Eric" and told him that this couldn't happen anymore, and though I still have to see him every day because we do the same degree, I have completely moved on and have even found a new boyfriend who is amazing. Added bonus: he was single when I met him.

The Sparkler who couldn't accept her breakup is finally movin' on and up:

I wrote the letter a few months ago about being dumped over text by my army-bound boyfriend. You were right, he was a jerk and I am so much happier without him. After a few bumps on the road back to dating I am in a committed relationship with another military man (yes, yes, another one. I can’t help myself!) We are beginning an LDR and we are both working hard to keep our relationship strong. Also, I might mention that I had a crush on him for over a year before we started going out, and I never thought in my wildest dreams that he would be with me! So, in the end, it was better for me to get over the jerk, so I can be with the hunk.

The girl who was sure that her boyfriend was going to fall off a cliff whilst camping also has good news:

He did make it out alive! And although he tried finding Bigfoot while he was out there, he did not get torn to shreds by a bear. He ended up calling me when they made it and when they left from a pay phone because he felt bad about getting grumpy with me; meanwhile, while he was gone I did a lot of thinking about why I got so upset, and a majority of it was that I wouldn't be able to rely on him for help with my recovery from anorexia while he was gone. But surprisingly, it wasn't that bad without him around. When he got back we had a very mature talk about everything and let me tell you, things have gotten a lot better!

Here's a rare one: a MANKLER update! The guy whose secret crush and best bro-friend were dating, to his great dismay, has news:

A few weeks ago, the girl ended up cheating on my friend. I'm still friends with her, and with him, but I don't really know if I can say with 100% honesty that I am crushing on her to the same degree. I do wish that things had panned out differently, but she probably would have ended up doing the same thing to me. My friend also told me the other day that he was sorry. I asked why, and he said that he had a feeling that I liked her, and was sorry to have asked her out on a whim. I wasn't mad at all. I was more relieved that I had a way of telling him without him getting pissed. All in all, I should have known better to even be hung up on her.

The girl who hated her sister's fiance wrote back with some clarification… which I wish she'd included in her original letter, because UGGGGGGHHHHH.

I should say that what I wrote earlier was big on emotion and skimpy on detail, but I did have legitimate concerns. Her now-husband works in a dangerous industry and refused to get life insurance, saying it was a form of gambling. He didn't want my sister to ever have a drink, because he hasn't, claiming that "alcohol is of the devil". While visiting another family member, they got into a huge fight over Easter eggs, and her then-fiancé smashed all of the eggs my sister coloured because she was "one-upping him" and "humiliating him". I have never been rude to her man, and he has never had any inkling that I disliked him, although my sister knows I think they have some issues to work out. Since they're married, maybe it's a moot point, but answering my letter really helped.

Smashing Easter eggs? Yeah, no question: this guy is definitely a living, breathing nightmare, and you are not wrong to think so. But alas, all you can do is stay close, be supportive, and hope your sister turns to you if and when she has the sense to leave him. Good luck, Sparkler (and here's hoping that either your bro-in-law gains some much-needed maturity, or that your sis kicks him to the proverbial curb.)

And finally, the girl whose friend was angry at her because he had been found out for cheating on his GF has an update… and a punchline.

Your response pushed me to confront the problem more directly than I had been trying to before my letter was posted, and I told Ron that I didn't like his verbal jabs and to please stop. Guess what? He did! He said he was sorry, and he knew that the cheating thing had been wrong of him, and now we have nice, normal conversations! Also, Angie gave him a second chance and they're back together, and this time he's only dating her. But hey, that's high school relationships for you.

INDEED. Laugh/groan. And that's it for our updates, internet friends! May your crushes always be requited, may your Easter eggs remain un-smashed, and may your loved ones return from their camping trips as un-mauled by bears as possible… and, of course, may you all have a delightful weekend.

Do you have an update to share? Are you so glad to hear from these letter-writers? Tell us in the comments! And to get advice from Auntie, email her at
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