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What's YOUR Detention Story?

What's YOUR Detention Story?

Once upon a time, this lowly SparkNotes intern was sitting in her high school cafeteria, minding her own business, when a teacher approached her with a detention slip. Detention? FOR ME? What could be the cause? I thought. Well, it turned out that my shirt had been untucked earlier in the day, which was against school policy. For my neglect, I received THREE detentions. Three! How excessive!

It seemed even more excessive when I arrived at my detention to find that one of my classmates, who had hit another student, only had to serve ONE detention. Apparently, untucked shirttails topped physical violence on our school's list of Terrible Things. I decided to do something about it: I wrote an article for my school newspaper listing all the ways a student could earn a detention, and how severe the punishment would be. The top of the list? Chewing gum in class and dress code violations. (School systems: always focusing on the important things.)

The best part of the whole ordeal, though, was the reaction to my article. Students, assuming (correctly) that I was mocking our school's strange sense of justice, high-fived me for "sticking it to the man." And teachers, assuming I was trying to stop students from breaking school rules, praised my reformed attitude.

But that's just MY detention story. Now we want to hear yours! Have you ever been punished unfairly? Had to serve time for a crime you didn't commit? Witness something hilarious or awful or both happen in detention? Let us know!

Send your story to by Friday, November 1, with "DETENTION" in the subject line, and get ready to hear some awesome stories from your fellow Sparklers! Try to keep your stories to 150 words or less, if you please (unless you absolutely need more words to tell the story).

We can't wait to hear about your bad side! Tell us your stories, and let us know in the comments if you have any questions!

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