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Backflip World Record Broken! Back Maybe Also Broken

Backflip World Record Broken! Back Maybe Also Broken

In news of amazing things that other people are doing with their days, Cheerleader Mikayla Clark busted the world record of 40 backflips with a chiropractic 44 BACKFLIPS the other day without landing on her head or falling into an open sewer grate. Here's what that looks like, sort of:

Speaking as a former gymnast who once did 10 cartwheels in a row then headbutted a tree, and on a separate occasion kneed herself in the eyeball while trying for a triple somersault, this is BADASS. Mikayla, of Westlake High in Atlanta, took just 34 seconds to get her name in the history books. Shoutout also to the BFF that ran alongside her yelling encouragement and being generally on guard in case there were any wedgie situations on the far end of the feat. We love how excited her teammates all are at the end. Here's the video!

What do you think of Mikayla's flipathon?
[via Jezebel]

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