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The Sparklife LGBTQ+ Community

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The Sparklife LGBTQ+ Community

Hi everyone! I'm Bellatrix, and some of you may know that I'm a lesbian. I came out to myself when I was about 15, and since then I've come out to my family (I know, it may seem weird that I came out to my family before everyone else, but it was just easier for me.) It went like this:

Me: (in my room, stressed out, trying to gather enough courage to finally say it).

Me: (4 hours later, still in my room when my parents come down to say goodnight)

Mom: Goodnight honey! Why are you just sitting there shaking?


Mom: Are you okay?

(Dad comes down the stairs)

Dad: What's wrong?

Me: I...

Me: Nothing.

Dad: Are you sure? You look stressed.

Me: I'm fine

Mom: Okay then. Let us know if you need anything

(they begin to walk back upstairs)


Mom: Yes?

Me: soivebeentryingtotellyouthisforthelastfourhoursbutimalesbianandiwantedyoutoknowbecausewellidontknowiwantedsomebodytoknowandnowivefinallytoldyouandidontknowhowifeelfdjsklfjdkslajfkdsl

Dad: What the hell was that?

Me: (I started laughing and crying at the same time) I. Am. A. Lesbian

Dad: Why were you so nervous to tell us? You know that we'll always support you and love you.

Mom: Thanks for telling us sweetie. (But she looked like she was about to cry. At the time I thought she was mad or disappointed with me, but I later found out that she was just scared for me and how the world would react).


So yeah. Coming out is really difficult but it feels great. But I still haven't come out to my friends, because I'm nervous what they will think of me. Will they still want me to sleep over at their house? Will they think that every hug is me hitting on them? etc. But the brilliant thing about the internet is that it gives people a chance to be themselves behind a screen. So I wanted to talk about being gay. I wanted to share my story with other people like me. I want to hear other people's stories. So I wanted to know how many of the SparkLife community is LGBTQ+? Have you come out? Since when did you know? Do you have any funny, sad, or inspiring stories to share? Do you need advice from fellow gay Sparklers? Or do you have advice to give? Whatever you feel like sharing, please do, because SparkLife is such a great community and I think getting to know other LGBTQ+ Sparklers would be wonderful.

And please, this is a place for people to feel safe and comfortable in talking about their sexuality or gender identity. This may be difficult for some people. Please be positive and affirming, and if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it here.


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