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50 Types of Fear That EVERYONE Has Experienced

50 Types of Fear That EVERYONE Has Experienced

Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Well, not accurate. We’re not throwing down a challenge for FDR here or anything, but we live in a world with spiders. If you think about it, there are approximately a BILLION types of fear that everybody deals with on a daily basis. Just because they don’t get their own scary movie franchise doesn’t make them any less terrifying. Here are a few of them, but we’re sure there are more, because writing this made us realize that the world is just a house of horrors from which we can never escape:

1. When you hear the sound of a car pulling into the driveway and you didn’t do any of the stuff your mom told you to do.

2. That sudden moment of "We had homework?" anxiety.

3. When somebody says, "We need to talk."

4. When you hear noises in the basement that are probably ghosts or murderers but you’re just going to ignore them and continue scrolling on tumblr.

5. When it seems like the book is going to have a happy ending but then you realize there are still like fifty pages left.

6. The "What do you MEAN that show got CANCELLED" variety.

7. When your laptop freezes and you haven’t saved in about three hours and you’re screaming, "COME ON, DON’T DO THIS TO ME!" at it because there’s a LOT at stake here.

8. That initial moment of dread when your phone isn’t where you could swear you haphazardly shoved it a minute ago.

9. When you’re next in line at the checkout and you can’t find your money.

10. When your car hits black ice and makes that "RRRRRGHERWJERE" sound.

11. When the teacher asks a question and nobody in the class is answering and the two of you make ominous eye contact.

12. When you’re trying to go to sleep and one of your posters falls off the wall.

13. When you’re tipping back in your chair and you pass the point of no return.

14. When your crush asks you a question and you forget how to be a person.

15. When you drop your laptop and you react like you dropkicked a baby.

16. When the WiFi is just relentlessly not connecting.

17. That moment of "What have I DONE?" clarity after you recklessly send your crush a friend request.

18. When you’ve got a substitute bus driver and they blow right past your stop.

19. When you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that you don’t know how to do this particular math problem just as the teacher calls on you.

20. When your teacher says, "All right, everybody find a partner," in that one class where you don’t have any friends.

21. When you have a lot of tabs open and your laptop freezes and you’re on the precipice of losing everything you once held dear.

22. When somebody uses your laptop to look something up and you’re faced with the prospect of explaining the last ten things you Googled.

23. When someone you don’t know very well asks to borrow your phone and your current wallpaper background of Zac Efron fighting an alligator flashes before your eyes.

24. That moment the night before your essay is due where you realize exactly how screwed you are.

25. When you’re in gym class and your teacher forces you to partner up with the one guy who actually knows how to play sports and is really passionate about them.

26. When you’ve entered your password about 20 times and it’s still not working.

27. When the spider’s there one minute and gone the next.

28. When you’re walking outside and a falling leaf hits you and you react like it’s a grenade.

29. When you realize you overslept and the world comes crashing down on you.

30. When you’re walking over sidewalk grates or manholes and you’re only 85% sure you won't plummet to your death.

31. When a cop starts following you while you’re driving and you start to sweat.

32. When you’re taking a drink and all the ice aggressively attacks your face with no warning.

33. When your laptop battery is at 2% and you can’t find the charger.

34. When seaweed touches your foot in a lake and you’re forced to accept your sea monster death fate.

35. When you have to pee and there isn’t a bathroom anywhere.

36. When you miss a step.

37. That split second after you stub your toe.

38. That split second after you grab the wrong end of the curling iron.

39. When you’re struck with a sudden need to check the expiration date after you’ve already started drinking the milk.

40. When you can’t remember the last time you fed the fish.

41. When your hairstylist says “oops.”

42. When your dentist says “oops.”

43. When the pilot of your plane says, “Oh, crap.”

44. When your phone goes off in class during a test. At best, your ringtone is really embarrassing. At worst, your teacher throws you out the window.

45. When you start feeling sick and you Google the symptoms and you’re no expert, but you’re pretty sure it’s terminal.

46. When you have to give your class presentation first, and everyone’s watching you set the precedent for how to this is going to go.

47. When it’s your turn to order at Subway but you haven’t worked out what you want because there are just too many options.

48. When you’re going upstairs from the basement and you’re pretty sure there’s probably a demon right behind you so you book it.

49. That weird semiconscious jolt you do right before you were about to fall asleep.

50. The moment where you’re not completely sure there isn’t something behind the shower curtain.

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