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Here's How to Play Dorm Bingo!

Here's How to Play Dorm Bingo!

B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, Dorm Bingo is it's name-o! You've probably figured out by now that dorm life has its quirks, and that a significant part of your college downtime will be spent figuring out new games with questionable aims. Hence we present, Dorm Bingo. Download some customized bingo cards and keep your eyes open. This is not your grandma's Bingo.

  1. Guy looking for someone to teach him how to do laundry
  2. Confused parent wandering halls
  3. Someone looking for quarters
  4. Passive-aggressive roommate note
  5. Unidentifiable stain on the commons room couch
  6. Moldy mac n' cheese
  7. Old-school Nintendo gaming system
  8. Tapestry/wall-hanging
  9. Childhood stuffed animal
  10. Beanbag chair
  11. Inappropriate message on dry-erase board
  12. Dry erase board drawing that took way too much time
  13. Broken futon
  14. Someone hiding from the RA
  15. Displaced roommate sleeping on the floor/couch
  16. Couple fighting in the hall
  17. Old-school record player with vinyl collection
  18. Puke in bathroom sink
  19. Puke in trashcan
  20. Sorority/fraternity Greek letters
  21. Off-season Christmas lights
  22. A bird on it
  23. Overloaded power strip
  24. Incense
  25. (Free space)

False cries of "Bingo!" will be punished by having to pull the hair baby from the shared bathroom drain.

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