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Life and Death

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Life and Death

Hey there, Sparkle-bears! (Can I call you Sparkle-bears? I'm in a rhyming mood right now. Thanks!)

So if you guys know anything about me, you'll know I'm not a genius when it comes to poetry writing. But I had a weird thought the other day, and so this morning (after getting about two hours of sleep the night before) I wrote a poem. I was semi-proud of it, and so I decided to post it for the Sparklers to read.

Edit: I have had it sitting on my bed for about four hours now, hoping the picture will load. It hasn't. It probably never will. So there is likely not a picture. But that's okay. It's a silly poem anyway.

Just in case you were curious about it though, here it is.


Life and Death


Life and Death went for a walk,

Met each other, began to talk,

Life said, “Ho! What fun am I!

“I make kids smile, you make kids cry!”


“Not so!” said Death, “Come on, Life, see,”

“Life’d be nothing if not for me!

No one would notice, no one would care,

If only Life was everywhere!”


“You talk rubbish,” said Life to Death.

“No one smiles when drawing last breath.

You never lift, you only fall,

Why, no one really needs Death at all!”


“I’ll take that bet,” the Death replied,

“And you will see it in their eyes,

People NEED death, it’s right, it’s true,

And I will prove it just for you.”


So Death removed his power here,

And where he left, well, Life was near,

No more pain and no more dying,

No more heartache, no more crying.


The world was perfect! Death was gone,

People lived on and on,

Surely there was naught as good,

As no more Death, like it should.


But ah, what’s this? What’s this we see?

Is it possible kids are NOT happy?

“This makes no sense,” Life would say,

“I helped to chase the Death away!”


But without sadness for the contrast,

There was no happiness at last.

There is no happy without sad,

There is no good without the bad,


The same applies to Death and Life,

There is no calm without the strife,

Without the Death the Life meant little,

And people became hard and brittle.


“I’m sorry!” Life said to Death.

“Without you there, the Life means less!

I see that now, I see the light,

Please return and set things right!”


So Death came back, as good Death should,

And with the bad returned the good,

You can’t have one without the other,

For Life and Death they are as brothers,


The moral of this little tale,

Is without the bad then life is stale.

So take the good stuff with the bad,

And there is happiness to be had.


Remember negative is not your foe,

It’s simply a chance for you to grow.

Bad and good go hand in hand,

Without them both then life is bland.


After re-reading it, I am no longer even semi-proud of it. Oh well. Perhaps it will make one of you laugh at the pure cheesiness of it. See you later, Sparkle-aitors! (Nah, that's too similar to Sparkitors. I'll stick with Sparkle-bears.)

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