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Mundane Ghost Stories That Should Be Made Into Horror Movies

Mundane Ghost Stories That Should Be Made Into Horror Movies

The boogeyman is knocking on my door! There’s someone under my bed! The call is coming from within the house! Ghost stories are a time-honored tradition, but not all of them are so extraordinary. Here are some mundane ghost stories that we think should be made into major motion pictures.

In the tiny town of Presbyterian, Montana, there is a local legend of a trumpet forever locked away in the used instruments section of a music store. The trumpet is said to mysteriously play the military tune "Taps" just moments before a great tragedy is about to occur. The trumpet had lain quiet for years, but approximately one month ago broke its silence and tootled its ominous tune. Thankfully, no one in the town was hurt. Upon further investigation, the townsfolk deduced that the trumpet sounded just before the series premiere of Fox's "Dads." As more research was gathered, it became apparent the trumpet doesn't predict large-scale tragedies, as much as reveal which fall shows will be canceled.

A family of four moved into an abandoned and supposedly haunted house in the foothills of Connecticut. The youngest of the family's two children, Emily, was clairvoyant and possessed the ability to communicate with ghosts. After several days in the house, Emily began to hear and see the spirits of the previous children who lived in the house. Tragically, those children died as freshman in high school. So, their spirits are forever trapped at fourteen years old. At first Emily was petrified, but then grew tired of the ghosts because all they wanted to do was gossip about boys.

It has been said that deep in the mountains of Honolulu, Hawaii, lives a wild boar. It’s filthy, brown, and covered in thick mud that cakes its skin. It is said if you look it in the eye, your soul is captured. On a blistering hot summer's day, six adventurous hikers set out to find the bore and get to the bottom of the myth. They don't find a boar, but they do find a very tan, unenthusiastic, dirty man named Boris. Apparently, it had been him the whole time.

Every Fourth of July in the town of Beagletown, Indiana, there is a giant fireworks celebration. The fireworks are provided by an ancient Native American soothsayer. And every year the final firework remarkably always spells out the next year's Beagletown High School homecoming queen. It's never been wrong, mainly because elections aren't held. The town generally just accepts the terms of the "firework ghost," even though the Native American is probably behind the whole thing. This isn't so much a ghost story as it is the story of a bored, old, Native American man who has a vested interest in high school politics.

A Californian college student, Mike Phelps, wanted to finally try his hand at surfing. So, he went out and bought a used surfboard at a nearby garage sale. The owner of the surfboard warned Mike the board was haunted, and, that Mike would be thrown from the board every time he rode a wave. This was true. But, after an exorcism by way of a really "gnarly" priest, the demon was released from the board and Mike has been riding waves ever since. Unfortunately, he missed too many classes surfing and dropped out of college. Now he and the hippie priest are roommates who share a hollowed-out RV.

Which of these spooky but mundane ghost stories should be made into a horror movie starring Ed Westwick???

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