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Top 5 Funniest Scary Movie Villains

Top 5 Funniest Scary Movie Villains

There's a fine line between goofy and terrifying when it comes to horror movies. One man's nightmare villain with needles in his head is another man's silly pin-cushion. For every terrifying horror villain, there is a foolish flop of a character that gives more giggles than screams. In the spirit of funny during the spookiest season, here are our top five funniest scary movie villains of all time:

1. The clowns from Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

You would think that with so many crippling phobias of clowns in the population at large, a movie about Killer Klowns (from outer space no less!) would be more scary than funny, but alas, silliness wins! There are pies to the face, popcorn gags, and colorful balloons all employed as weapons to help reach the ultimate goal: wrapping people in cotton candy to be eaten later! The best part? It’s the most colorful horror movie of all time. It looks like Rainbow Brite threw up on a copy of Stephen King’s It and a twelve-year-old was green-lit to write the screenplay.

2. The birds from The Birds (1963)

Have you seen this movie recently? We just watched it and were amazed that Alfred Hitchcock could still create tension in a movie about killer pigeons. Pigeons, people! Not a pterodactyl or giant-mutant-baby-eating bird, but a flock of common birds like seagulls, pigeons and swallows. They get together in a big scary bird cloud and attack people with their little beaks. We get it, nature’s turned against us. She’s crazy and out of control! But certainly a baseball bat, or even just a cool leather outfit could protect someone from those little beaks.

3. The leprechaun from Leprechaun (1993)

Leprechaun has all the trappings of a classic horror film: an old abandoned farm house, basement stairs, a mentally challenged character no one believes, and a magical little creature from Ireland. Sure, the movie’s makeup team made the leprechaun look old and gross, with a cracked smile and crusty green-tinted skin, but he’s still so cute! He rides a tricycle! Runs around on tiny little legs giggling! He’s adorable. The only scary thing about this movie is the fact that Jennifer Aniston thought it would be a good idea to star in the film. Ugg, Jen? What were you thinking, lady-friend?

4. Jack Frost from Jack Frost (1996)

It’s a serial killer snowman! No corncob pipe on this guy, but he does sport a cute little red scarf. It’s that same old story you’ve heard a thousand million times: It's the week before Christmas and everyone is full of joy and cheer in the little village of Snowmonton. Then, unexpectedly, a truck transporting convicted serial killer, and all-around bad dude Jack Frost crashes! Ah! Into a genetics truck! What is a genetics truck?!? Ah! His body is fused together with the snow on the ground and a living, blood-thirsty, out-for-revenge snowman is born. Terror follows, half the town is murdered, yada yada. Merry Christmas!

5. The gingerbread man from The Gingerdead Man (2005)

Patented recipe for silliest horror movie villain:

1 part the ashes of a crazed serial killer sentenced to death
1 part witch-mother
1 box of gingerbread mix
1/2 the family members left over from said serial killer's rampage
1 part survivor-owned bakery

Mix first three ingredients well. Combine gingerbread mix with ashes, spiteful witch-mother curses, and last two ingredients. Let sit for about an hour and a half. The result will be a Gary Busey-voiced villain that kills people with icing and kitchen equipment. Expect to be hungry after the movie.

Who do you think is the funniest villain from a horror movie?

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