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Science Students Rap About "Chasing Models"

Science Students Rap About

By Janet Manley

The latest hit song to come out of California isn't about Chinese food, it's about biophysicist Rosalind Franklin's molecular battle against Cambridge lads James Watson and Francis Crick, who are credited with "discovering" DNA. Seventh-grade students at KIPP Bridge Charter in Oakland, Calif., put together a rap video about the somewhat controversial discovery, standing up for Franklin, whose X-ray diffraction images of DNA informed Watson's work. As the tidy rap tells us, Franklin had already confirmed the helical structure of B-form DNA in unpublished papers from her work at King's College.

Here at SparkLife, we love a good musical throw-down (WE ARE PATIENTLY WAITING FOR AN AERONAUTICAL LESSON SET TO THE TUNE OF "WHEN YOU'RE A JET" TO APPEAR ON THE INTERWEBS), and this song wins heart and minds because it combines a) history, b) science, and c) really good word action:

In the meantime, we're off to print off some "I SUPPOSE WATSON ALSO DISCOVERED THIS T-SHIRT" t-shirts.

What did you think of this awesome phosphate-aware rap?
[via Huffington Post]

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