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Benedict Cumberbatch Is a Rapping Alan Rickman

Benedict Cumberbatch Is a Rapping Alan Rickman


World record holder for Best Name, Best Acting, Best Height, Best Villain, Best Voice, Best Sherlock Holmes, and Just the Best—Benedict Cumberbatch—was a guest on Jimmy Fallon last week, where he officially claimed the title of Best Alan Rickman (formerly held by the actual Alan Rickman). Jimmy asked if Benny would like to have a "Alan Rickman-Off" where they read rap lyrics while impersonating Alan Rickman. Jimmy goes first, and you're like, "Ok, not bad, I guess. Whatever." But then Cumberbatch clears his throat, giggles a little, (uuuggghhhh) and then BLOWS YOUR CROCS OFF.

Snooooooooop! I'm going as Benedict Cumberbatch as Snape for Halloween.

via Buzzfeed

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