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Quiz: Is your college roommate trying to take over your life?

Quiz: Is your college roommate trying to take over your life?

Whether you hand-picked each other or were randomly matched, living with a roommate can be more terrifying and privacy-wrecking than falling asleep in class and blurting out your crush's name. You just don't know what to expect: maybe the two of you will have a normal, healthy relationship. Or MAYBE you'll find out that as a birthday present, your roommate begged the 'rents for a plastic surgery overhaul to look EXACTLY LIKE YOU. Take our quiz to find out if your roommate wants to be your friend...or your BFFFF/long-lost twin.

1. On the first day of school, your roommate suggested that you arrange your beds:
A) Into bunks (so much extra space to do activities!)
B) So that yours is outside in the hallway.
C) Pushed together so you guys can stay up all night sharing secrets and BBQ Fritos.

2. On occasions when you get out of class early, you usually come back to your dorm to find your roommate:
A) In the middle of studying, reading, or some other quiet activity.
B) Throwing a raging party with balloons, Funfetti cake, and a giant banner that reads: “THE OGRE IS GONE FOR 3 HOURS!”
C) Lying in your bed, listening to Sinéad O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” while sobbing into one of your dirty socks.

3. When the weekend rolls around, your roommate usually:
A) Has plans with her own friends, but extends an invite to you.
B) Disappears, not to be seen or heard from until Monday morning.
C) Has an itinerary drawn up in a rainbow of Sharpies that details how the two of you will spend every single second together.

4. When you announce that you’ll be going home for the weekend, your roommate:
A) Tells you that you’ll be missed but to have a great time!
B) Has a maniacal grin as wide as the Cheshire Cat's.
C) Informs you that she's already spoken with your parents and had them clear out the guest room. She's coming along!

5. When you’re in your room, trying to study, your roommate is:
A) Hanging out in a friend’s room down the hall to give you some quiet time.
B) Blasting heavy metal while pelting you with stale Fruit Loops.
C) Right there by your side, drawing up flashcards so he can quiz you.

6. When it’s time to make your schedule for the next semester, your roommate:
A) Asks what classes you need to take and tries to coordinate one or two with you.
B) Prints you a comprehensive list of all her classes and threatens to give you an extremely public atomic wedgie if you even think about enrolling in any of them.
C) Enrolls in every single class you sign up for, despite that fact that she is an accounting major and you're majoring in Chinese studies.

7. If your roommate gets a new shirt and you mention how much you like it, he gives you:
A) Permission to borrow it sometime.
B) The stank eye.
C) The same exact shirt in your size while cheering: “Twinsies! Twinsies!”

If you answered mostly A’s:
You and your roommate have the perfect balance of friendship and boundaries! There’s no need to worry about coming home from class to find your roomie has built a shrine out of your snotty used tissues and toenail clippings.

If you answered mostly B’s:
Well, you definitely don’t have to be concerned about your roommate taking over your life. But you might want to be on the lookout for her changing the locks to your room, shaving your head while you sleep, or scattering your entire underwear collection across the campus center.

If you answered mostly C’s:
Your roomie is off-the-wall, tag-along-on-dates, watch-you-while-you-sleep obsessed with you! As a matter of fact, your roommate is probably standing over your shoulder WATCHING YOU TAKE THIS QUIZ! AHHH!

How excited/terrified/indifferent are you about your roommate (or the prospect of having a roomie in the future)?

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