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8 Weird But True Facts About Cats

8 Weird But True Facts About Cats

When it comes to cats, how much is there to know? They are furry. They are sleepy. They like you to pet them for roughly thirty seconds at a time. They enjoy fish, birds, laser pointers, and destroying your furniture. They make excellent lap warmers. These are all things of which we're pretty well aware. But there's a lot more to our favorite purring friends than you might now. For instance, did you know that in Japan, cats are thought to turn into "super spirits" when they die? Yeah. That's a bonus fact, right there. Read on for 8 more awesome and eerie facts about the meow factory who is always sitting in your favorite chair:

1. Cats are lactose intolerant

Yes, of course, if you stick a dish of cream in front of your cat, they will go to town on it. This is because cats are total gluttons. At the end of the day, you'll both pay the price for feeding it dairy. It will have to suffer tummy woes, and you'll be left to clean up the mess. That's right, guys—poop.

2. Cats Are Basically Mermaids

I'm not saying go shove your cat in the ocean or bellow-sing "Part of Your World" at it, but still. Your cat has INSANELY tough kidneys. How tough? So glad you asked. Tough enough to make drinking nothing but saltwater no thang but a chicken wang. I mean, wing. WHATEVER.

3. Cats Are Scene-Stealers

Ever heard of The Godfather? One of the greatest movies maybe...ever? When we first meet the Godfather himself, he's dressed to the nines and cuddling a kitty. Fun fact: this wasn't planned! The actor Marlon Brando picked up a stray wandering around the set and made him a star. CATS—they aren't just Internet-famous anymore.

4. Cats Could Have Stopped The Black Death

Picture it: turn-of-the-13th-century Europe! It's gross! Because everyone is dying of the Bubonic Plague, or, as it was popularly known, the Black Death. If you're into that. Prior to the outbreak, the Pope had ordered a massive slaughter of all black cats, because he thought folks were worshipping them. But if the cat population hadn't dramatically dropped, fewer rats would have lived to spread the terrible disease. Cat murder: IT IS NOT WHAT'S UP.

5. Cats Are Hard Workers

It's not uncommon to think of cats prowling farms to keep them free from vermin. But they don't just do their dirty work out in the country. In fact, cats are literally on the payroll at places as prestigious as Disneyland, where they keep the park free of mice. Except for Mickey. He is forever eluding their clutches.

6. Cats Are Basically Superheros

They might not have 9 lives, but they're definitely still superheros. Did you know cats have built-in brain-gyroscopes? That's what enables them to correct their position in midair, and that's why they're known for always landing on their feet. Or paws, rather.

7. Cats Have Their Own Words

Have you ever seen a large group of cats and been like, "Man, I'd really like to point out this strangely large assortment of cats running towards my friend, Josh, but I can't because I don't know the word for a large group of cats"? Of course you have. Well, it's a clowder.  That's right, a clowder of cats! Now go rescue Josh and the salmon rolls of which he is so fond.

8. Cats Are Magical

In Italy, Cinderella's fairy godmother was actually a cat. I am in no way making this up. Google it, man! As if we needed more proof that cats are THE GREATEST.

Are you a cat person, or a dog person?

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