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50 Costumes You Can Make From Things Laying Around the House

50 Costumes You Can Make From Things Laying Around the House

Procrastinating is an art. Some of us are the Vincent van Goghs of procrastination, abdicating our lifely responsibilities in fantastical and swirly ways. Responsibilities, like, y'know, BRINGING IT on Halloween. If you are truly the creative type, you've been planning your costume since the 4th of July. However, a large majority of us realize at 8 p.m. on October 30, "Holy crap! HALLOWEEN IS TOMORROW!!" Have no fear, Procrastinator Nation. Here are a few snappy ideas for costumes you can make using random things laying around your house (pipecleaners, sheets, a professional-grade ride-on lawn mower). Have fun at that Halloween party and remember to explain the costume so everyone fully understands what you are this year.

1. Garbage Bag Girl
2. Garbage Bag Skirt Man
3. A Garbage Bag Attacking a Human Teenager
4. Person Holding a Frying Pan About to Make Eggs
5. A Baker Holding a Rolling Pin
6. Mr. Spatula-For-An-Arm
7. Guy/Girl Holding a Chair Who Doesn't Know Where to Put it Down
8. Sandwich Eater Who Loves Sandwiches So Much They Are Eating One … Right Now!
9. Person Who Found the Remote Control!
10. Mr. Plunger-For-An-Arm
11. Girl Who's Looking to Charge Her Phone Somewhere
12. Hand-Stuck-to-the-Iron Guy
13. Edward PillowHands
14. Guy/Girl Who Fell Into a Pile of Scotch Tape
15. Gum Salesman
16. Mr. Hand-Stuck-in-a-Drinking-Glass!
17. That Person Who Loves Brushing Their Teeth
18. Lamp Shade Head!
19. Banana Phone Operator
20. Chips Ahoy Crumbs Mouth Person
21. The Person Who Asks Everyone If They Need a Can Opener
22. Mr. Too-Many-Stuffed-Animals-in-My-Pants!
23. Celery Fangs Vampire!! AAAAHHHHH!!!
24. Oatmeal Face
25. Band-Aids on Cheeks Girl
26. Person Who Accidentally Brought Two Umbrellas With Them—Whoops!
27. Kitchen Sponge Hands
28. Bacon Feet
29. Bacon Face
30. Bacon Neck
31. Bacon Body
32. Refrigerator Magnet Man!
33. Girl Who Wears Dishtowels All Over Herself
34. Mr. Shampoo-Bottles-For-Arms
35. Person Looking to Hammer Something with a Hammer
36. Girl Who Wears Towels as Skirts
37. Ms. Puts-Makeup-On-All-Over-Her-Face!
38. George Foreman Grill Head
39. Guy Who Should Take Out the Trash Already!
40. Babysitter Who Just Made Cookies
41. Phone Book Butt
42. Guy Who Just Spilled a Bowl of Spaghetti-O's All Over Himself
43. Lady Who Accidentally Crazy Glued the Mop to Her Hand
44. Soda Bottle Shoes!
45. Dog Leash Necklace Girl!
46. Mr. Linguine-for-a-Moustache
47. Sour Cream Hair Witch! SPOOOOOOOOKY!!!
48. Stapler Hand Pirate
49. The Fairy with Cookie Sheets for Wings
50. Backwards Clothes Wearing Person! YIKES!!!

Ideas, Sparklers?

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