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A Rookie Prepares for New York Comic Con!

A Rookie Prepares for New York Comic Con!

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This week, I am going into the lion's den, into the dragon's mouth, beyond the lunar landing module, inside the atom, past the pages of my favorite comic books and into an ALTERNATE REALITY in which it's okay to wear tights as pants for all the days. I am going to New York Comic Con! And boy, am I excited. Do I know what I'm in for? Not really. Josh Perilo told me there would be My Little Pony rides and I could sit on Bronn's lap (he is a sort of rogue knight in Game of Thrones, and he has hair, and oh, that's enough for me!). I have no idea if Perilo is telling the truth because I am a rookie! So, here's what I expect to see, and how I'm getting ready for NYCC 2013!


I'm spraying myself with "icecream sundae" scent. For the ponies.

I have been turning the pages of all my books for the past month with a pair of tweezers.

I have rehearsed exclamations of "That is MINT!" and "I just got MINTED!"

I'm trying to be larger than life. By eating lots of croissants.


Experience the thrumming energy of nerd singularity.

Face-painting, like at the fair. Yes?

Receive a William Shatner in every showbag.

I get to time travel, right?

Get separated from Josh Perilo and Jenny the Intern in the crowds, and have the announcer send out a lost child call. (THE CODE NAME I AM GOING TO USE IS "JELLY BONES.")

Talk shop with serious comic collectors. (I used to have a real Care Bears comic. I'll wait for my applause.)

Admiring the cosplay! Especially the people who have their midriffs out in service of fantasy.

Be terrorized by a giant Pillsbury doughboy.

Eat candy shaped like Tardises. Please.

Dress up, I hope?

Have trouble separating fantasy from reality, while on a date with my boyfriend, Sheriff Rick Grimes.

Turbo boost my inner geek.

What do you recommend doing at comic cons?!

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