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5 Reasons to Date a Film Geek

5 Reasons to Date a Film Geek

Geeks get a bad rap in the dating world. They're called "geeks" for one. But dating a film geek could be the best decision you ever make. Here are five well-argued reasons to ignore the jock on the field and sidle up to the geek with the Netflix account.

1. You can quote your favorite movies together

"What day is it today?" "It's October Third." Some people just don’t speak your language (aka "the international language of love)". You might not be able to date John Cusack IRL (also, he's like 50), but by dating a film geek, you will find a like mind. Over time, you're tastes will sync up and you'll be able to breeze through your days without a single original piece of dialogue, leaping from quote to quote and boombox gesture to boombox gesture.

2. They're in the know about movie news, the film biz, the biz niz

Think you're the biggest Hunger Games fan out there? Maybe you are. But your geek auteur S.O. is tapped in to ALL the message boards and blogs and onto the movie news before it even makes the news. Imagine knowing that Kirsten Stewart was cast as Bella before a director was even picked for the Twilight franchise. Film geeks did. Imagine knowing what the budget for potato-flake snow is in the next bad Christmas movie. FILM GEEKS WILL, WHETHER YOU WANT TO KNOW OR NOT. Date one, then impress your friends at the lunch table with your seemingly psychic knowledge that Kate Winslet has been cast in the upcoming Divergent film. 

3. They know when the best stuff comes out and have the jump on tickets

Membership in the film geek squad comes with privileges. There's a solid chance your film geek will have one of those handy dandy club cards that are available through multiplexes and indie art palaces around the country. Dating a member ensures you will be first in line at midnight for new releases and cultish old non-releases. (And dressed in the right getup!) Why? Because film geeks will go out of their way to get those tickets and know exactly when those movies are released, including special engagements. [SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT, ALRIGHT] A film geek can also tell you the best time to pee during a Criterion Classic.

4. Your relationship will be rom-com-tastic

A film geek has watched a ton of movies, absorbing romantic gesture after romantic pratfall into a garbage can full of chocolate pudding, which means they KNOW HOW TO WOO. Your cinematic S.O. will ensure you are first-billed in their mini Hollywood, and provide you someone dapper to walk down the red carpet with. Careful you don't take advantage, though, 'cause film geeks know when to end a story as well as they know how to build one.

5. You can live in imaginary worlds when the real one gets too rough

Tornado coming? Why not take off into a technicolor fantasy land. Don't want to grow up? Live in a tree house. Bored of your town? Create a new town on your super-8 camera with your film geek. Watching film after film after film can blur the line between real life and CGI special effects. Having trouble with your parents? Your math homework?  Your best friend? Your film geek knows the perfect escape, whether a spaceship, a seaside cave, or a classic pair of blue jeans.

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