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Six Surefire Ways to Find More Free Time

Six Surefire Ways to Find More Free Time

Life is all about complaining, and for most people it’s over never having enough time to do what they want. The daily demands of homework, drama club, sports practice, and trying to maintain a decent social life tend to cut into the worthwhile personal pursuits of binge reading, creating the perfect sandwich, and writing fanfiction. That's why we're giving you these tips and tricks, guaranteed to add a few more hours to your day. You can use them to spend more time with your friends, choreograph a routine to Britney Spears’ new single, dress your cat like judgments here! This is what you've got to do:

1. Keep an Updated Agenda and Make a To-Do List Every Day
Organize all your regular activities into a weekly schedule, then add in the items that change from day to day on a to-do list. It may seem tedious, but writing down all your tasks will help keep you on top of your life. Prioritize the most important tasks, and try to get rid of them first. Mixing in a few fun to-dos and rewarding yourself for completing particularly difficult tasks will make running through the list seem like less of a chore.

Time Saved: The 2.5 hours a week that are normally devoted to figuring out what's even going on. You could start a YouTube channel in that time and rocket your way to viral video legend!

2. Discover Your Most Productive Time of Day
People are most efficient when they feel at their best and most alert. For some this means pounding out all manner of tasks at exactly 1:43 p.m., when the day’s second wind hits them like a two-ton elephant. But pick a study time that works for you, whether it’s 7 a.m. or 7 p.m.

Time Saved: 4 hours a week that you would probably use to sit in an office chair and force yourself to finish your homework...while you instead scroll through your Tumblr dashboard and never actually accomplish anything. That’s enough time to track down a perfect replica of the Fourth Doctor’s scarf on eBay!

3. Avoid Distractions During Your Dedicated Study Time
After figuring out what time is the most productive, create an environment that’s conducive to getting thingS done. Keep items like extra pencils, a calculator, textbooks, and note cards in one place, and turn off your phone so you can focus on what needs to get done. If you keep getting sidetracked and start wasting time, stop, look at your to-do list, and get back on track.

Time Saved: 5 hours a week. You could write a novel by the end of the semester with that kind of time.

4. Work Ahead
If you manage to finish everything on your to-do list early, move on to things that need to get done in the future. Finishing next week’s readings ahead of time will give you some extra free time in the future--so much that you might be able to take a day or two off!

Time Saved: Enough to use for a trip to the amusement park, that's how much!

5. Get a Good Night’s Sleep
It’s impossible to get anything done with no sleep. Your brain and body need the down time to rest and regenerate in order to keep you functioning. Aim to get around nine hours of sleep per night. If that made you laugh at our naiveté, at least try to supplement a wonky sleep schedule with naps.

Time Saved: The five minutes you fell asleep in class, which led to the 45 minutes you spent in detention. That’s enough time to call your best friend to talk about the cute guy in your algebra class.

6. Learn to Say No
Don’t be afraid to pass on doing something if you’re already busy. Extra credit assignments are not required, and your friends will understand if you have a big test coming up and can’t hang out. Save yourself from ugly stress crying and just say no.

Time Saved: 2 hours that would usually be spent having a mental breakdown and dry heaving yourself into a nap. That’s enough time to bake a pie!

How do you make free time for yourself? What kind of pie are you going to bake us with all that time?

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