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What Your Laugh Says About You

What Your Laugh Says About You

Chuckles, giggles, chortles, guffaws, cackles, crack ups, howls, hoots, hahas, teehees, mwahahahas. There are so many kinds of laughter in this world, and yours in particular speaks volumes. Here's what your laugh says about you.

If you cackle: You love Halloween haunted houses. You hate running the mile in gym class. You enjoy feeding the ducks and geese at the lake somewhat near your house. You have had a wart before, if not at this very moment.

If you snort: You sleep on your back and have been known to snore. You love chocolate milk but think the very idea of strawberry milk is repugnant. You really, really, really like bacon. You often receive socks for Christmas.

If you giggle: You can name three shades of purple off the top of your head. You have a GINORMOUS crush on a guy in your math or language class, but you've never heard him say your name. You are a really good baker, and cupcakes are your specialty. Two words: One Direction.

If you keep your lips closed: You are kind of a private person. You cannot wait to get your braces off. You once farted in gym class and pretended it was your sneaker on the wood floor. Your eyes are wells of meaning.

If you throw your head back: You prefer sitting on the floor to a chair. You are a doodler. You drive or want to drive a red car. Personality tests always label you an extrovert. You enjoy looking at the stars.

If you make no noise: You have an unusually large mouth. At least once in your life, you have been called a "spaz." You are very good at hide and seek. You drink a lot of Diet Dr. Pepper. You say "Seriously?" and "Shut up!" a lot.

If you titter: You are just a little bit of a flirt but not a HUGE flirt. You read a lot of the Brontë sisters' work. You have never gotten a grade below a B-. You have a cat that prefers you to anyone else in your household.

If you belly-laugh: You really like soft desserts, such as Jell-o, pudding, and crème brûlée. You don't like cardiovascular exercise, but you are pretty strong. You smile easily. You are an animal-lover. You might be Santa Claus.

If you gasp for air: You are hilarious and your friends are hilarious. You have a tiny bladder and big feet. You have watched your favorite movie more than five times. Sometimes you slip into a fake accent. You might have asthma.

If you slap your leg: At least one button on your radio is tuned to the country music station. You've been told you are an "old soul." You play a stringed instrument. Scratchy, cheap toilet paper is one of your pet peeves. You tell a really good story.

Were we close?


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