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10 Scary Movies for the Easily Frightened

10 Scary Movies for the Easily Frightened

Do you dread horror film season? Here are some flicks that will frighten you, but not freak you out so much you can't enjoy your movie value meal of Sour Patch Watermelon, popcorn and Jujy fruits. Hopefully. No promises. Enjoy!

1. The Bad Seed

Think you’re little brother is a brat? He'll seem like a saint after you meet the devilish Rhoda Penmark. This girl has some deep, dark secrets and an angelic face (what is her night-time beauty routine?!). Watch it with your parents and to remind them how good you’re turning out. This movie is disturbing, but the old-timey black and white (made in 1956! Like the pyramids!) makes it a little less real.

2. The Ring

This movie definitely has some freaky scenes, but nothing too cray. It’s got a PG-13 rating and a scary little girl ghost, which if you ask us, is the best kind. The reason it’s not too frightening is that the hokey curse makes us giggle.

3. The Sixth Sense

More psychological than gory, this movie is a classic ghost film that will make you actually like Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment. We see dead careers.

4. Signs

If you’re interested in “the unknown” and choose to “believe,” then you’ll love this alien, crop circley movie. Plus, you get to see a super young and cute Abigail Breslin.

5. Labyrinth

Sinister Muppets! David Bowie with a mullet and tights singing songs! Need we say more? Jim Henson’s movie about rock and roll and being careful about you wish for is more of an epic adventure than a horror flick, but it still has some very dark moments (David Bowie's tights).

6. Edward Scissorhands

This movie has it all: campiness, Johnny Depp, scissors, snow, Christmas, blood, hair makeovers … In one of his earliest and best films (IN OUR OPINION!), Tim Burton tells a quirkly but mushy story about a gentle soul with sharp edges. Come for the creepy inventions, stay for the creepy hedge landscaping—this film is creepy as heck and we love it to death.

7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

We don’t care what you say, this movie is scary! The suspense, the action, the terror, the sadness and raised stakes (and raised SNAKES), and VOLDEMORT. It’s amazing, snakey, and a bit violent too. HP4LYFE.

8. The Mummy

In our time of the undead and sexy vampires, it’s not that often that mummies get to take center stage. But in this movie, a very angry and vile mummy taunts some Americans in Egypt. The result is skin-crawlingly excellent. The CGI of Brendan Fraser's face is TERRIFYING.

9. Psycho

THIS IS WHY WE ONLY SHOWER ONCE A WEEK! This psychological thriller is all in your head. It’s a weird classic everyone needs to see. Oh Hitchcock, you genius.

10. Batman Returns

Another Tim Burton film, this Batman is a little more fun and zingy than the more recent Dark Knight movies. Before Batman was the raspy and serious Christian Bale, he was Michael Keaton and fought against freaks like Danny Devito’s Penguin, Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman, and Christopher Walken’s Max Shrek. It was awesome, and full of goop!

What are your favorite less-scary horror flicks?

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