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I'm writing this on my phone, so chances are this will probably won't be good enough.

I mean, you obviously deserve better than some sort of crappy half rant in autocorrect lingo.

But I really need to say this.

And by this, I mean...well...this.

I hope it turns out well.


To My Dear Friend December,

I hope the sun always shines for you.

You're really such a sweet person,

And do so many things I couldn't do.

How do you put up with the pressure?

How can you work so hard?

The answer to that I'll never know,

But I am a man, er, girl, of many ways

And I do know one thing:

To my dearest December

My lovely mouse

You are so much more

Than what you think you are.

You work so hard

And you try so much

You've proven yourself to be more

Than just  well enough

You are so well written

And terribly sweet

You who are broken glass

Shines brightly like a painted mosaic

So as I sit on my cushy throne

And I ponder the meaning of life

I'll gladly get off my tushy

To give some relief

You're apart of the OT

Truly one of us

And To My Dearest December,

One of those who deserve love

I just want to say

You'll always have a home in us...


Yeah. Dece, you're a really thoughtful and hard working person, and I really like having you on the OT.

I know you'll go far in life. It's written in the stars.

Sincerely from the bottom of my hearts,

The Doctor.





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