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11 Super Famous Celebs Who Starred in Scary Movies!

Do you like scary movies? We don't mean that in a Scream "the call is coming from inside the house!" kind of way, but in a nonthreatening, "here are our hands, we mean you no harm" way! We can't get enough of them, and during our latest scary movie binge session we noticed a surprising amount of future big-time celebrities attempting, largely unsuccessfully,  to escape the grasp of evil incarnate. So aspiring thespians take note: if you'd like to join the ranks of Hollywood royalty, you need to spend some quality time being chased by a deranged super villain. On the plus side, the adrenaline-filled "my life is in imminent peril" routine is a remarkably effective cardio workout!

Here are 11 famous movie stars who once starred in various horror flicks good and bad. Did your favorite scary movie make the list?

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