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Message from the New Sparkitor: I AM IN YOUR COMPUTER and HELLO!

Message from the New Sparkitor: I AM IN YOUR COMPUTER and HELLO!

By Janet Manley

SPARKLERS, I am writing to you from the inside of the internets, where I have made a new home among some unused 0s and 1s. I will be here every day from now until the rise of the machines, watching you grow up before my very own web cams with the other Sparkitors. Why, it feels like just yesterday that you were all just 8-bits in my mind machine!

A little about me, your spankin' new Sparkitor: I like leg warmers, trampolines, and the sound of laughter. Coming from penguins. I've been writing for SparkLife for a while, but this is my first time as an abstract first-person digital entity (aka Official Sparkitor). You are probably wondering what I look like! This picture is a bit out of date (two years old!) but you can just imagine me a couple of years older and with a driver's license.

Okay, that one was a little pixely. Plus my hair looked ropey. Try this one.

I'm actually really interested in what you squids have to say about SparkLife and the Internets! What stuff makes you love this place, and what makes you log off or puke onto your external hard drive? Are your headphones too heavy? Mine are so heavy, I'm hearing bass lines in Spotify that don't even exist, if I'm completely honest. Also, what is going on with my bangs? They were cut by an up-and-coming hairstylist called J-bones Manley. Jelly McManley. Me. Tell me about your pretty selves, and your likes and dislikes, so we can please the internet overlords better here at SparkLife!

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Janet's desk was moved into the hall for the duration of coursework on Roman numerals in grade four, and she cannot tell one Rocky from another to this day. Her spirit animal is a wombat, and she has not written a novel. Dauntless, Gryffindor, Mockingjay. She tweets @janetmanley

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