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Keyboard Shortcuts You Didn't Know You Had

Keyboard Shortcuts You Didn't Know You Had

A new study shows* that the average student writes over one hundred papers each day. WOW! That's a lot of time typing! That's why many people use keyboard shortcuts to keep the work flowing fast and furious. In fact, there are shortcuts out there that the Board of Education doesn't want you to know about? It's true. Check out some of the ones we've have uncovered and you'll be finishing up homework with hours to spare.

CTRL + V = Double paste, now it will stay there for ever.

CTRL + HPV = Makes you immune to life's disappointments.

CRTL + COMM+ 45 = Makes all zeros into little cats barfing.

CTRL + ˚= Makes screen brighter, harder, better, faster, stronger.

CRTL + Apple 14 = Makes your father walk in and tell you that there are no shortcuts in life.

SHIFT + 52 = Makes your keys turn into jelly.

SHIFT + ME2 = Copies whatever is trending on Twitter.

CRTL + FB = Puts everything you type onto FaceBook.

CRTL + C + P = Stop copying me!

CTRL  + 1A2 = Makes it seem like you are typing when you are just asleep.

CTRL + 13B = Just copies from Wikipedia.

SHIFT + COMMAND + B:) = Opens Solitaire immediately, crashing all other programs.

SHIFT + ∞ = Opens up all internet webpages ever created (need IOS 120.2 to work).

SHIFT  + å = Renames your cat to "iCat."

SHIFT + ¬ = Puts a new folder on your desk, underneath twenty other folders, so you will never find it.

COMMAND + ø = Refreshes page with a nice lemon wedge.

SHIFT+ π = Puts your computer to sleep because it was too old and suffering.

CTRL + ® = Puts your computer to sleep and gives it dreams about having little tablets of its own.

CTRL + OPTION + CUTE = Causes your printer to use only pink hues.

CTRL + UP = Ejects you from your chair.

CTRL + ∏ = Closes a door, but opens a window.

CTRL + CTRL = Undo + forget it ever happened.

OPTION +34 = Empties trash, takes out recycling bin, makes bed and gets $20 allowance.

COMMAND + R1 = Starts a new paragraph.

COMMAND + RUThere = Starts a new life.

COMMAND + OOPS = Sends a horrible selfie to all your crushes.

CTRL + PG = Copies stuff to Text Edit (a program you never thought existed before).

COMMAND + CONQUER = Lets you play a real-time strategy game instead of working.

COMMAND + FDUP = Quits, but comes back two minutes later and says it's sorry.

CTRL + 122023390 = Nothing.

CTRL + ¢ = Changes all your "LOLs" to "I don't know what else to write here."

SHIFT + ¢¢ = Brings up your homework when your mom walks in.

SHIFT + ¢¢¢¢ = Brings up your fantasy stats when your dad walks in.

SHIFT + 666 = Brings up a terrifying demon face when you little brother walks in.

SHIFT + DR. MARIO = Kills all the germs in your computer (doesn't work).

CTRL + § = Deletes all your cookies and takes off that extra bit of holiday pudge.

CTRL + ¶ = Screw it! Adds more cookies!!!

CTRL + ™ = Deletes your history. But be careful, altering the past can have dire consequences for the present.

APOLLO + 13= Makes Tom Hanks show up.

CRTL + ¤ = Accidentally throws a baseball through a window.

CTRL  + * = Shows that there was no such study.

Do you have any secret keyboard shortcuts?

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