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Non-Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

Non-Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween. It's a holiday that should, in theory, be so much fun. There's candy! And dressing up! And night-time stuff! Instead, it's been turned into a "sexiest sex bomb looking for sexy sex candy" contest. It's like all the Halloween costume-makers got together and decided that anything and everything could—nay, must—be sexy. Sexy Big Bird, sexy dinosaur, sexy banana ... It's gotten to the point that we're wondering: Are there any costumes they can't make sexy?

We would not be surprised to see:

  • Sexy booger
  • Sexy sense of impending doom
  • (S)existential crisis
  • Hot Pocket
  • Naughty oatmeal
  • Neti-hot
  • Sexy macaroni and cheese

So what's a costume-lover to do? Fortunately, there are many options for non-sexy costumes. You might have to put in a little work yourself (or shell out megabucks for a pre-made one, though where's the fun in that?), but it will be worth it in the end.

Here are some real-deal ideas for non-sexy Halloween costumes:

We hope this inspires you to make or find a great costume that you can be comfortable (and warm!) in. Because being comfortable and relaxed is a lot sexier than any sexy-sex-something costume. Not that we're trying to be sexy anyway.

What are your plans for Halloween? Do you have plans for a sexy or unsexy costume?

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