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8 Costume Ideas For You and Your Pet!

8 Costume Ideas For You and Your Pet!


Halloween is coming up fast! Too fast! 'Tis the season to glut ourselves with candy, hang out with our friends, and create a costume so awesome people will talking about it for years!...or at least it will garner several dozen likes on Instagram. But what are you supposed to do if during this joyous season your friends bail for  more "adult" parties, the kind that involve wearing jeans and sneering at folks who aren't doing the same for being "immature"? That's easy! Get down with your immature self, and enlist your favorite pet to dress up with you. Their eyes might say "I loathe you," but give them enough treats and they are sure to do your bidding. Here are 8 of our favorite ideas for animal/owner couples costumes! PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.

1. Bonnie & Clyde

Because nothing says "amazing" like putting an old timey pretend shotgun around Mr. Mittens' neck and affixing a blond wig to his head. You guys will be the least deadly but most adorable twosome to hit the streets! Banks beware...of the cuteness!

2. Hot Dog & Bun

Works best if your pet is a dachshund. It requires no costume for him, and a hilarious one for you! That said you might garner odd looks from people convinced you think your dog is food.

3. Pet & Owner

Put on some animal ears and let your pet wear your favorite sweater! What you'll pay for in laundry you'll more than make up for with the hilarity of your pet "walking" you while you loudly go, "GET IT? GET IT?"

4. Romeo & Juliet

So you're single, so what? At least you've got your pet to dress up as one half of literature's greatest couples with you! Is it weird to kiss an animal with tongue? Yes. Is it weird to spout sonnets in their general direction? NEVER.

5. Doctor & Patient

While your dog isn't likely to have earned his medical degree, you can try to stretch this one out by telling your mom that Rex says you can't go to school because you have an allergy to all things boring. Let us know how that works out for you.

6. Cat Burglars

This one's easy. You just rob places while carrying your cat around. Whether or not the police will be down for this little scheme is another matter entirely.

7. The Lone Ranger & Tonto

Because you love dressing up like a cowboy, would do anything to be a part of Armie Hammer, and because you've always secretly known that your cat thinks you're a horse's ass.

8. The Doctor & Companion 

This one is all for you. Put a poster of the TARDIS on your bedroom door, make some popcorn, and cue up your favorite TV shows on the ol' laptop while snuggling with your animal companion. You may not be able to explore all of time and space, but this is almost as good.

What's your vote for best animal/owner costume duo? We're thinking Han and Chewy!

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