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Our Best Friend JLaw Takes on a Literary Classic!

Our Best Friend JLaw Takes on a Literary Classic!

Jennifer Lawrence is such a shiny giant wonderful mega star. And our best friend. Can you imagine all the parts she gets offered? No more does she have to audition or beg to get the roles she wants, she can pick and choose at her leisure. The thing that blows our socks off, is that she chooses RIGHT, every time! (Well, we don't know about House at the End of the Street. Did anyone see that? Maybe it was good!) It's really astonishing, all the good decisions she makes. For instance, J Dog has just agreed to star in the film remake of John Steinbeck's East of Eden!

Lawrence will be playing the part of gorgeous, manipulative, "psychotic monster" Cathy Ames. (What?!) While we all know Jennifer is an emotional chameleon, she's mostly plays the heroine or victim in her movies. We've never seen her play a depraved sociopath mother of twins, and we can't wait. In the course of this epic modern day telling of Cain and Abel, Cathy Ames murders her parents, sleeps with her brother in law, tries to abort her own children, drugs and shoots her husband, poisons the Madame at the brothel where she works, blackmails prominent business men, and then commits suicide. Talk about a character arc! We have complete confidence in Jennifer's abilities to pull this off. Heck, maybe she'll even make Cathy Ames likable!

Lawrence will be teaming back  up with her Hunger Games director Gary Ross for the film, which won't be happening for a while, since our girl is scheduled to finish working on the last two installments of Mockingjay before East of Eden can start shooting. So many things to look forward to!

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