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What Your Favorite Socks Say About You

What Your Favorite Socks Say About You

It's common knowledge that the clothes we wear say a lot about our personalities. Go around wearing a cowboy hat, and it's not outside the realm of possibility that people will point at you say, "apparently that individual herds cattle professionally!" If you fanny about town without your pants on, it's incredibly likely that people will say things like, "well aren't they confident!" Then, you will be arrested for public nudity, and you're far, far too pretty for jail. Even the articles of clothes we wear that no one sees can tell a story about who we are. That's right, I'm talking about your skivvies—your FEET skivvies! Socks are indeed, the windows to the sole. GET IT? SOLE? OF YOUR FOOT? #SOCKHUMORPUNSFOREVER. Read on to see what secret messages your socks are sending about you:

1. The Knee Socks

You're fun, funky, and a little bit saucy. You like the formal look and feel of a sock that rides high, but you don't have the time or energy to waste on other less comfortable forms of fashion. Sock on, dude. (Oh, no she didn't!)

2. The Dirty Socks

You approach life with a laid-back and breezy mindset. Why waste your valuable TV-watching time washing your socks when you can simply flip today's pair inside out...three or four times? It's not dirty if it's your own dirt!

3. The Funky Patterned Socks

You might be shy in daily life, but your feet are telling another story. It's on your toes where you feel most comfortable expressing your true self. And god bless it, that true self loves turtles, okay? Also, rubber duckies!

4. The Mismatched Socks

You aren't laid-back so much as you are...frantic! There aren't enough hours in the day to do everything on your list. Plus, who cares what's going on south of your ankles when there's so much to see and fix and do and change!

5. The White Athletic Socks

IT'S TIME TO PUMP IRON. OR CONVERSELY IT IS TIME TO GO FOR A QUICK JOG. You and your socks are all about sweaty, physical action of the athletic persuasion. Why read a book when you can check out how many you can lift over your head, amirite?

6. The Tights

You are a classy lady, and as such, you wear classy leg-hugging hosiery. You also laugh quietly at the rest of the world, which has yet to figure out that when it comes to keeping warm and hiding just how many pints of ice cream you consumed while watching Game of Thrones outtakes last night, tights are where it's at.

7. The No-Socks

You hate socks. You hate the way they feel. You hate the way they squeeze. You hate the way they go around your foot like that. So you don't wear them. As a result, your shoes smell like, well, feet. Which is good, because you're the sort of person who always needs something to complain about. Foot stank will fit the bill nicely.

8. The Toe-Socks

You probably wear these instead of shoes. In fact, you are just kooky enough that you are probably wearing your toes socks while reading this post...while hanging from the tree where you also live.

What's your foot skivvy of choice?

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