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How to Get Awesome Grades While Keeping Up with Fall TV

How to Get Awesome Grades While Keeping Up with Fall TV

The cycle has begun anew. From the ashes of 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Happy Endings and Breaking Bad, the new fall lineup has risen, and everyone is frantically watching pilots and reading reviews to determine which new shows will be worthy of their time. Some shows are obviously amazing (see: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and others look promising (Brooklyn Nine Nine and Super Fun Night). Finding out if these shows are good enough to be added into your already heavy rotation of The Mindy Project and various animes is stressful enough without all the added drama of school. It's an uphill battle against exams, quizzes, projects, papers, and daily homework that needs to be taken care of if your binge-watching future is going to stay bright. Don’t worry: it’s easy enough to find TV Nirvana while still acing school.

Tip 1: Remove any distractions from your study space
The name of the game is focus. If you want to have most of your work done by 7/8 central time, then you need to eliminate anything that buzzes, lights up, or generally steals your concentration from your workspace. If you need to, download self control and block any websites that suck up your time, like Tumblr.

Tip 2: Use your spare moments to study
Waiting rooms are the worst, and most people spend an unfair amount of time in them (see also: you don't own a car, are constantly waiting to be picked up). Next time you’re waiting for your orthodontist to see you, make the most of the time by scanning notes or flipping through flashcards instead of reading the three-year-old magazine that you basically have memorized anyway. By the time you get home, you'll have prepped for your next exam, and can watch Once Upon a Time in Wonderland in peace.

Tip 3: Get organized
If your room is a hot mess (minus the hot, double the mess), then you need to clean it up. You may have your TV timetable down to a science, but now it’s time to get the rest of your life in order. Collect all your school things, and keep them in one place. Color-coding, alphabetization, and blocking are your friends. Now instead of panicking about misplaced handouts, you can spend the time you would have wasted by coordinating your DVR to record House Hunters for your mom and Adventure Time for you.

Tip 4: Do your work as soon as you come home
It’s the worst coming home from eight hours of school, only to have another four hours of homework ahead of you, but if you switch into veg mode you won’t switch out until it’s way too late to be productive. You may manage to enjoy all the sitcoms your heart desires, but you’ll also be cursing yourself in the morning as you try to do your geometry homework on the bus. And besides, the best shows don't start till 7.

Tip 5: Learn from old tests and projects
This tip comes straight from the library of “Work Smarter, Not Harder.” Instead of tossing old essays and exams to the side without a single glance, file them away for later use. Before studying for the next exam, or when brainstorming for an upcoming paper, pull out your old work and see where you messed up. You’ll know your weak points and where to be careful, and you'll also know exactly what kind of test your teacher will be writing. This will save tons of time, to be spent channel flipping between USA and ABC.

Tip 6: Do what the teacher tells you to do
It’s so simple, but easy to forget. If a teacher says they want something specific out of you, write it down and do it. This is especially true of history teachers, who have all sorts of weird requirements for their essays and tests that are formatted like the Rosetta Stone. The many hours you save not trying to remember what you immediately forgot can be put toward more reasonable pursuits, like writing Elementary fanfiction.

Tip 7: Don’t procrastinate
This is seriously the hardest thing to do. Like, ever. Just remember it’s so much easier to do one to two hours of work per day than deal with a six-hour pile up that leaves you sobbing grossly and wanting to chuck your worldly possessions out the window. Not even television can help with that kind of panic.

What's your best studying tip?

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