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10 Fun and Cozy Autumn Date Ideas

10 Fun and Cozy Autumn Date Ideas

It's the most wonderful time of the year: autumn! The leaves are changing to vibrant shades of gold and burnt orange, and it's the perfect temperature for sweaters and boots but not cold enough that you need a parka and ear muffs. Don't let them tell you that spring is the season when love is in the air - fall is the perfect season for fun, cozy dates that you'll love even more than pumpkin spice lattes.

1. Go apple picking. This is an adorable Tumblr-worthy photo op waiting to happen. Head to an orchard near you and hold hands as you pick out the perfect trees, then help each other pick out the ripest apples. Go home and make apple pie, apple dumplings, apple fritters, apple muffins, apple cider... Just get all domestic with it. It'll be precious (and delicious).

2. Frolic around a pumpkin patch. Well, maybe not—you don't want to trip over the vines. But visit a nearby pumpkin patch (or pumpkin vendor) to pick out the prettiest, biggest one. Then go home and gut them together. You can bake the pumpkin seeds you yank out of their cavernous innards (yum!) in the oven with a bit of salt for a tasty snack to eat as you carve yourselves some beautiful/scary/silly jack-o-lanterns.

3. Hit the hay. But not as in "go to sleep," as in the actual hay. There's bound to be a few hay-rides going on this season, whether they're the cute farm-y kind that happen in broad daylight or they're the scary haunted ones that happen after dark. Either way, put on a flannel button-down and climb aboard, then cuddle close as you enjoy the fun (and potentially terrifying) ride.

4. Let it burn. Not all angsty, a la Usher—just build a bonfire! You can roast marshmallows or hot dogs, curl up in a blanket together on a log by the fire, and keep each other warm on a crisp autumn evening as you stare up at the stars together. Or, you can have over a bunch of friends to make it a casual hang out thing and you can tell scary stories. Either way, fantastic date night.

5. Pack a thermos picnic. Usually picnics are a phenomenon reserved for the summertime, since eating outdoors in the cold can seem daunting. But if you pack soup and hot chocolate (or coffee or tea) in thermoses and grab a thick blanket (or three) and head out to a pretty spot where you can properly enjoy the view of the leaves falling, an autumn picnic can be just as much fun.

6. Build a blanket fort. If you're not all about venturing out into the great outdoors, this may be the option for you. Using blankets, sheets, pillows, and your furniture, create a blanket fort for the two of you to stay warm in together. Bonus points if you face this fort toward the TV so that you can watch scary movies together as you cuddle in close. (But you can also use a laptop or a tablet for that, amiright?)

7. Creep yourselves out. 'Tis the season, right? Go to a Haunted House, hop on a Haunted Hayride, rent some scary movies, play with a Ouija board... Just do whatever you can to get into that Halloween spirit. Bonding over fear will bring the two of you closer as a couple—and grabbing each other in terror will bring you physically closer as you basically climb in their lap to avoid that guy in the mask with the fake chainsaw on the hayride.

8. Make giant leaf piles and jump in them. This may sound juvenile, but it's also incredibly fun. Grab a rake (or use your hands) to gather all of the leaves in a certain area into one big pile. Then hold hands, count to three, and jump in. There's a reason kids do this for hours on end. Dogs too.

9. Go costume shopping. Whether you're picking out "couple's costumes" or you're just looking for your own get-up for Trick or Treat, costume shopping is always a good time. Try on the most outlandish, coquettish, or unflattering costumes you can find to make the experience extra fun. Be sure to take pictures of each other looking ridiculous.

What are some fun fall dates that you've been on? Let us know in the comments!

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