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Writer Wars Winner: "All That Remains" by The_Lucky_Cat

This Sparkthor (like "Sparkler plus author"? Is "Authler" catchier? Yes? No? Hard pass?) is on a ROLL, buttskis. She not only took home both the Sparklers's Choice Award AND the Dagger's Choice Award last week, but she also won AGAIN this week! It all actually worked out sort of perfectly, since Reid wasn't able to illustrate her first story—BUT NOW, SHE SHALL RECEIVE THE PRIZE SHE DESERVES. Click through to read her haunting submission, accompanied by Reid's fantastic illustrations, and then DO NOT head to the newest Writer Wars—because it isn't going up until tomorrow. (Are you sobbing quietly? Please don't. IT BREAKS MY HEART WHEN YOU SOB.) I had to spend the majority of my morning getting ready for my date with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (read: schlomping around in wildly unbecoming galoshes because MY TOILET FLOODED ALL OVER MY APARTMENT. OH, THE HUMANITY.) so I wasn't quite able to finish it—but don't fret, it will go up first thing in the morning! PS. If you have extra paper towels and/or a spare Haz-mat suit, please send it my way.

Chelsea Dagger

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