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50 Things To Stop Wasting Time On

50 Things To Stop Wasting Time On

You're probably already a busy superstar... help yourself get even more ahead of the game with these tips on time management. 


1. Worry
2. Facebooking
3. Reality TV
4. Anger
5. Gossip
6. Taking the perfect selfie—it doesn't exist.
7. Pinning. Stop dreaming and start doing!
8. Napping for more than 30 minutes.
9. Prank calling.
10. Reading promotional emails. Are you really, REALLY going to get that $20 mani/pedi? No.
11. Arguing with your parents.
12. Calling your friends at unreasonable hours.
13. Unrequited love.
14. Re-blogging. Just. Blog. Already.
15. Re-applying your makeup. Trust us, you look great!
16. Practicing kissing. It will be fine when it happens in real life and it will be better than your arm, mirror, or pillow.
17. Popping zits. Scar City is not a place you want to go.
18. Being mad at small things. Get over whatever it is. Life goes on.
19. Talking on the phone with people who live close by. Run out the door and meet 'em in person!
20. Baking for fun when you hate baking.
21. Stage fright.
22. Texting in class.
23. Hating the way you look.
24. Jealousy.
25. Looking at funny things online until 3 AM.
26. Watching TV shows you hate.
27. Seeing movies you loathe.
28. Obsessing over celebrities.
29. Drawing missing teeth and mustaches on photos.
30. Having an arch enemy.
31. Depending your life on the success of prom.
32. Negativity.
33. Spending hours on a sock bun. Just top knot it and call it a day.
34. Self-doubt.
35. Playing a sport to appease your parents.
36. Procrastinating.
37. Having anxiety over a test instead of just studying for it.
38. Not asking for help when you need it.
39. Not confronting your friends when they hurt you.
40. Playing hard to get with title crush of five years. Chances are, homie don't play that.
41. Complaining about not being better instead of practicing.
42. Doodling during your hardest class.
43. Napping during study hall.
44. Protesting "dumb" school events. They're not going anywhere, bud.
45. Despising your loved ones for their flaws. Hey, you have flaws too! Like wasting time!
46. Bringing your iPhone into the bathroom.
47. Texting during dinner. Or driving. NEVER TEXT AND DRIVE Y'ALL!
48. Envying all the Instagram photos in your feed.
49. Avoiding certain people at the mall.
50. Writing nasty comments online, which Sparklers never do!
What do you need to stop wasting your time on? 
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