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13, I Mean 12, No Wait 14 Signs You're Disorganized

13, I Mean 12, No Wait 14 Signs You're Disorganized

1. You opened this article 6 days ago and it has sat buried in 3 browsers with 40 tabs each waiting for you to read it.

2. You turn in homework assignments that look like they've been shoved in a drawer for the last 40 years.

3. You prepare to clean your room the way someone trains for a marathon.

4. Whenever you empty your pockets it looks like somebody pumped the stomach of a tiger shark.

5. You go to your afternoon class in the morning, your morning class in the afternoon, and then you forget where you live at night.

6. You watch episodes of hoarders the way aspiring rappers watch MTV Cribs.

7. People don't think it's cute anymore when you say, "Third times the charm" after you've already forgotten to do something twice.

8. You bought a day planner and now it's demanding a raise.

9. "Go back and get the thing I forgot" is an item on your daily planner.

10. Your notebooks don't have covers.

11. Successfully finding something in your locker would give a person adequate training for performing an archeological dig.

12. You don't need to join a gym because you get your exercise running to things you're late for.

13. You still write the year as the previous year well into September.

14. Your New Years resolution is to get organized. And to remember where you put the paper you wrote your New Years resolution on.

Are YOU disorganized? 

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