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10 Apps that'll Make High School a Breeze

10 Apps that'll Make High School a Breeze

Bless the 21st century. Living in the age of information means having access to technology that just ten years ago was barely imaginable. While these advances have naturally been applied to important things, like medical research and ending world hunger, they’ve also managed to find their way into our back pockets. Whether you’re trying to write the next great American novel or you just want to watch a baby walrus gif, there’s an app for that. And when it comes to making your school life run smoothly, you can rely on app to help with everything from studying to organizing your extensive blogging schedule. Here are just ten apps that might save your academic life:

1. Studious. This app lets you set due dates and organize assignments, and it keeps your schedule together in an easy-to-use format. Notifications remind you to get working on papers, and Studious will even silence your phone if you forget to before a class.

2. KhanAcademy. Downloading this app is like storing a tutor on your device. If you’re struggling with math or science, a helpful, targeted video is pretty easy to find, and the straightforward delivery makes even ridiculously hard things seem simple.

3. Sketchbook Mobile. Useful for making idea webs and doodling Sherlock fan pics in your spare time, this app is for more than just the art kids. It comes with plush features like copic marker swatches and lots of different style brushes. Use it to entertain yourself during a lunch period, or work out physics problems in the library.

4. Rate My Professor. Though this app is mostly for college students, many high schools have stats up as well. Find out ahead of time if your AP Spanish teacher is going to bring the pain with a second inquisition, or if your Calculus teacher really is as easygoing as he seems walking down the hallway.

5. Blackboard Mobile Learn. Nowadays most schools have synced their systems up to Blackboard, which means having access to all the grades, assignments, and announcements teachers post is as easy as pushing a button on your phone. If only it were that easy to actually get teachers to update.

6. TED. TED talks are nerd lifeblood. There’s a talk for almost every topic under the sun, and all of them are fascinating. The TED app keeps them all handy and includes playlist, recommendations, and sharing features. If you’re ever lacking inspiration, this app is the place to go.

7. iSource MLA. For anyone picking up AP classes like candy, this app is a lifesaver. Citations and bibliographies are generated easily and can be quickly transferred into a Word document. It takes all the guesswork out of MLA formatting...but you’re out of luck if your teacher wants you to write in APA style.

8. Flash My Brain. This flash card app doesn’t have the best ratings, but it’s got a dead useful feature that supports Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Cyrillic languages. Consider your foreign language classes passed with ease. It also allows pictures, and has lots of formatting features to customize your flashcards.

9. Flipboard. The world gets conveniently packaged and served to you with the help of this app. Input the things you care about, then flip through a magazine full of news, tips, and photos designed to interest you, combined with your Twitter feed, Facebook, and Instagram. It’s gorgeously designed and a more engaging way to catch up on current events for your American government class than watching the nightly news.

10. Ace the SAT. For all its anxiety-inducing power, the SAT is still just a test: it’s easy to get a good score with solid studying and practice. Stay on top of the math section with this app, which has thousands of questions and is continuously being updated with hundreds more. The only downside is that similar practice isn’t available for the verbal and writing sections yet.

What's your favorite life-saving app?

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