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Should "Blurred Lines" Be Banned?

Should "Blurred Lines" Be Banned?

Robin Thicke might have had the worst best summer ever. First his single becomes the song of the summer and everyone's all, "Robin Thicke, your time has COME!" Then Marvin Gaye's family is like, "Hold up, that beat sounds familiar," and George Clinton is like, "Yeah, that beat does sound familiar, dude." Then he gets twerked on by Miley Cyrus, setting off a debate on whether flesh tone is the new black he should assume as much responsibility as Miley for the distasteful performance. And now "Blurred Lines" has been banned by the University of Leeds, among other colleges, for being degrading to women.

Should we be defending the guy and calling "CENSORSHIP!" or looking for the nearest bonfire with which to light our torches? There is no denying the line "You know you want it" and even the title bring to mind rape, which is never, ever, EVER okay, no matter how many blurry lines you are seeing or how slurred the word "no" is. There is also no denying that there are women used as nothing but naked, taxidermy-riding arm candy in the music video. But is it a school's business to ban a song (especially one that is so darn catchy)? Do women need the University of Leeds to defend them against a pop song? And if we're going to ban one offensive song, shouldn't we ban them all? Who decides what's offensive? Is that the listener's choice?

What do you think, Sparklers? Does "Blurred Lines" offend you? Does a school have the right to ban a song or is that as bad as banning a book?

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