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MORE Things to Say When Your Teacher Calls on You and You Don't Know the Answer

MORE Things to Say When Your Teacher Calls on You and You Don't Know the Answer

Most of us have experienced a lightning-like panic attack in the classroom. Sometimes it happens when our crush looks RIGHT AT US. However, most of the time it's when we begin to zone out, thinking of the upcoming weekend, and BAM! The teacher calls our name. We need to give an answer, only we don’t have one. Here, we've provided more great ways (check out post 1 HERE) to slither out of a bad situation so you can comfortably return to thinking about Saturday.

"I…have to go the bathroom?"

"I had the answer, then my thoughts were stolen by an ancient mystic, and I'm totally spacing here."

"I'd like to use a lifeline."

"::gulp:: I think I just swallowed a fly."

In a robot voice: "Student Out of Order."

"(Your name) is unavailable right now. If you'd like to leave a message, please do so at any time, since this is not a machine and you are talking to a real person, but one who does know the answer to your question."

"I can answer this, but only when I'm in the middle of doing a cartwheel. Back up, people…"

"It's right on the tip of my tongue, but if I look for it, I'll go cross-eyed."

"Sorry, I left my brain in my locker after third period."

"I don’t know, but also, I'd just like to say how great of a job you are doing." (Smile wide.)

"Dunkin' Donuts has those pumpkin flavored lattes! How could I possibly solve for x at a time like this???

"I cannot answer this question based on my religious belief of holding the key to history's secrets."

"Answers…what we are all in search of. The journey may be long and epic, but the destination brings…answers."

"Look, I suppose I can answer this question. OR…I can make it rain potato chips!!" (Remember to throw a handful of potato chips in the air.)

"I'm not exactly sure, but let's get together for lunch and talk about this. How's Tuesday at 1 in the cafeteria? Great! You're in my phone. See ya then!"

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention. I was busy thinking of puppy dogs in tuxedos who get excited when they see cotton candy."

"Well, if memory serves, I believe the answer to your question lies not within the answer, but within the question, which might be too big for an answer that I can provide, but rather just the right size of the question that you have asked. Anyway, can I go to the nurse? Pretty sure I'm gonna barf."

Shove a Twix in your mouth and incoherently mumble like they do on those commercials.

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