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8 Ways To Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder

8 Ways To Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder


It's hard to be miserable in the summer. Sure, there's the heat to complain about, but that can be quickly remedied with air conditioning and/or water balloons. Now it's autumn. Autumn is awesome! It makes you want to run around singing cheesy songs and rocking a thrift-store trench coat. The only thing less than awesome about fall? It comes before winter.

People can talk all they want about snowmen and hot cocoa and the holiday season, but for some folks winter is brutal, because of a little thing called seasonal affective disorder (the fact that its acronym is "SAD" is no accident). For many, the shorter daylight hours and less time spent outside equal a giant heaping pile of depression. Here are 8 ways to fight those sucky winter blues:

1. Visit Ikea

In every glorious Ikea, there is a section dedicated solely to home lighting. A quick jaunt in this well-lit Mecca is sure to bolster your spirits. Also, they sell discount meatballs! Delicious.

2. Eat Every Chocolate

In addition to being delicious, chocolate is a natural mood booster. When you feel that sadness sneaking up on you, a quick bite of caloric goodness is just what the not-doctor ordered.

3. Create an Oasis

Blast the heat in your house, turn on all the lights, set up a towel on your living room floor, put on your fav swimsuit and your shades, and pretend it's summertime!

4. Get Your Exercise On

The only thing better than exercising to boost your mood is exercising while pretending you're in an action film, and bellowing "Eye of the Tiger" while pretending to punch the air.

5. Find Your Happy Place

There's a lot to be said for the power of the imagination. Do you have to walk through a blizzard to get home each day? Close your eyes and think of the desert. You'll be wandering into a cactus before you know it.

6. Pet a Pet

Studies show that depressed people showed spikes in mood when interacting with animals. So get your pats on! Skitch your puppy, or get cuddly with your kitty. Don't have a pet? Become a shelter volunteer! Not only are you helping yourself, but you're getting brownie points with your community, too.

7. Plant Some Joy

A fun way to get through winter is to plant seeds indoors and watch your plants grow. It can be a great reminder that winter won't last forever.

8. Swim the Sad Away

Exercise AND a chance to pretend it's actually the summer? Sign our sad butts up, yo!

How do you fight off the winter blues?

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