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5 Disasters That Will Definitely Happen on Family Game Night

5 Disasters That Will Definitely Happen on Family Game Night

OHHHHH strap yourselves in y'all! It's game night! With the Fam! In the Living Room! With out the TV on! Playing Pictionary! With Ruffles chips! Just You and the fam oh my god who's idea was this I need to get out of here this is going to be a disaster. Well of course it is with that attitude! But it's also probably still going to be a disaster because, let's face it, you're family! Many an innocent family game night has descended into chaos. Recognize any of these disasters?

Someone gets overly competitive: AWWWW YEAAAAHHHH HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW?! LEHOOOOSERRRR. Or, You know, it could be your own mom screaming at you because—HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW THE YEAR THE BAY OF PIGS HAPPENED?! WHAT ARE THEY TEACHING YOU AT THAT SCHOOL? If we lose, you get ZERO Fruit Roll Ups in your lunches this week.

Someone will get offended: I mean. This is inevitable. Your sister will read something into what you said about the Da Vinci Code as a criticism of her boyfriend. Then you'll call her insane and she'll get more offended. Then you'll get offended because your mom basically called you stupid for not knowing when the Bay of Pigs happened, and then maybe your dog will bark because she's taken offense to the fact that no one will give her the last pig in a blanket even though it's just sitting on a plate and it's clear that no one is going to eat it.

Grammar Police: How about when you have a friend or a S/O and your dad corrects his or her grammar and then it gets tense and weird because WHO DOES THAT.

Pretending not to care: Your brother is losing. He was being crazy competitive and annoying and all of a sudden he's as docile as a lamb. He's giving everyone the silent treatment, pretending like we're all so lame for caring so much. It's ok buddy, we know it's eating you up inside.

Bank Robbery: Whoever was the banker in this game of Monopoly is no longer in command. They were either cheating, counting money wrong, or squirreling money away under the board. So you organized a violent takeover of the bank's assets and distributed the wealth evenly. Game over we all win. Except you, banker.

That was fun! When is the next game night?

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