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What's Your Super Villain Name?

What's Your Super Villain Name?

Every little kid dreams of being a superhero, fighting crime and whatnot.  But what if your journey to becoming a hero hadn’t worked out? What if you took a different path and became *dramatic pause* a supervillain?! Sure, you may cause devastation and destruction, but according to Tom Hiddleston (aka Loki), “Every villain is a hero in his own mind.” So why not follow the steps below to find your supervillain name and powers, and then cruise on over to the dark side? They do have cookies, after all.

Part 1: Follow the steps that correspond to the month you were born.

January: Use some sort of royal title as the first part of your name, such as Queen or Baron.

February: The first part of your supervillain name will be a color. Stay mainstream with Black or Red, or be a little adventurous with Slate Gray or Goldenrod.

March: Go directly to Part 2. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

April: Use a nice adjective, like Gentle or Tidy.

May: Guess what? You get to hop on down to Part 2! Yay!

June: For the first part of your name, use an adjective like Dastardly or Tiny.

July: Choose a title such as Doctor, Mister, or Lady.

August: Choose an ominous word such as Dark or Killer.

September: Skip on down to Part 2!

October: Use an inanimate object as the first part of your super supervillain name, like Paper Airplane or Chopstick.

November: Super supervillain’s choice: You can choose any of the instructions for Part 1 that you like! Have at it!

December: The first part of your supervillain name shall be “The.”

Part 2: Follow the steps that correspond to your favorite type of shoe.

Tennis shoes: Go with a plant name, like Ivy or Bamboo.

Ballet flats: Use a modified version of another famous supervillain name, like Venomous or Doomshour. (We’ll just call it borrowing.)

Sandals: Use a name that's also something related to sports, such as Bullseye or Goal Post.

Boots: Choose an animal name, like Narwhal or Flying Squirrel.

Flip-flops: Choose a super villainous verb and add an “-er” or “-or” on the end, such as Screamer or Assassinator.

Slip-ons (Tom’s, Sanuks, etc.): Use Man/Woman/Boy/Girl.

Deck shoes: Use a name that is related to Halloween, like Goblin or Scarecrow.

Other: Use a name that ends with an “o,” like Mysterio or Magneto.

No shoes: Choose a name from Greek or Roman mythology.

Part 3: Alrighty, now that you’ve discovered your super supervillain name, you need some powers! Use your name to come up with related superpowers, and get to destroyin’! (Ex: Sandman turns into sand, Poison Ivy is poisonous and controls plants. You get the idea!)

Post by Sydney Scott, aka ShamWow Girl (yeah, I’m like a superhuman ShamWow, soaking up powers and stuff).

What's your superhero name and power?

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