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8 Reasons to Avoid Falling Asleep First at a Sleepover

8 Reasons to Avoid Falling Asleep First at a Sleepover

Sleepovers are the greatest. The chance to loll around a friend's house giggling the hours away, showing off your flyest slumber-duds? Awesome. But there are definitely some perils involved in sleeping in someone else's house: will you snore? Will you forget clean underwear? Will you sleepwalk? Will you sleepwalk...IN THE NUDE? These are all very practical considerations! But sleepovers are about having fun with your friends, so let's just check these little worries at the door...and focus on something far more important: not falling asleep first. Here's why it's a pitfall to be avoided like the plague:

1. Zombie Invasion

In a zombie invasion, it's every chick for herself. It's with that in mind that we suggest you keep yourself awake. Because when the zombies come a-knocking, the last things your friends are going to do is wake you up. They're more likely to take off screaming into the night—and you know you're a deep sleeper.

2. Cheese Nightmares

Sleepovers = Pizza = Cheese Nightmares. In addition to being more gassy than usual, you're more likely to have scary dreams after eating your weight in cheese. So don't fall asleep first, or your friends won't be able to sleep at all, what with you screaming about the monsters attacking you, in between bouts of noxious farting.

3. Camera Phones

Falling asleep first is sleepover-language for "Please draw a wiener on my face while I zzzz." If this were back in olden times, no big deal. What's a pen-ink wiener between friends? But with the rise of cell cameras, face-wieners live on forever. That's right, immortal face wiener.

4. Food

If you go to sleep, you're giving your friends permission to eat all the remaining sleepover provisions without you. Candy, pizza, chips—by morning it will be all gone, and you will be haunted by the memories of snacks that went un-noshed.

5. Things Get Weird

When everyone SHOULD be asleep is when the best stuff happens at sleepovers! I'm not talking your Truth or Dares or Spin the Bottle nonsense—I'm talking true and legitimate strangeness. Like your best friend wrapped in a sleeping bag standing in the front yard screaming, "I AM A GIANT BURRITO, THE KIND YOU WANT TO EAT-O!"

6. Ghosts

Ghost attack those who first show weakness. Do not be the weak one the ghost gets, because we like you, and we would miss your little face.

7. Pee Pranks

Let's be real. If you fall asleep first, someone's going to try and put your hand in warm water to see if it makes you pee. If they thought this through, they'd realize why this is a bad idea (who wins when someone pees everywhere? NO ONE). If you're awake to explain this to your friends, you're saving many a poor sleeper from the same fate.

8. Sunrise

The best thing about staying up all night is getting to watch the sun rise. Could you use this opportunity to do your best obnoxious rooster impression? Totally. But if you're feeling particularly zen, you could also just revel in the beauty of a new day. Or a rooster impression, whichever.

What's the worst part about falling asleep first at a sleepover?

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