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Are You Ready To Check Out The Greatest Dogs Of All Time?

Are You Ready To Check Out The Greatest Dogs Of All Time?

No offense to our own pets, but these dogs are the most talented pooches we’ve ever seen! On Wednesday, the Olate dogs were selected to advance in the finals of America’s Got Talent and we could not agree more with the judges’ decision. These guys ride scooters, walk on hind legs, cha-cha behind each other, and jump into their trainer’s arms with a (dog) smile. We can’t even do half of these tricks!

Sidenote: My editor sent this to video to her sister, and she had a very different take on it.

She said: Oh my god! This is what co-evolution looks like.  I cannot get over the conga line, or the dog that is made to push another dog along by its butthole.

Okay, little sister has a point. But still! Wow!


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