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60 Things to Do When You're Down in the Dumps

60 Things to Do When You're Down in the Dumps

1. Write down why you're in the dumps. Sometimes it helps to see exactly what's making you feel lousy.
2. Make yourself some hot tea.
3. Brainstorm on what would make you feel better.
4. Stretch your body.
5. Read a book.
6. Light a candle and watch the flame flicker.
7. Find an animal and be nice to it.
8. Go on a bike ride.
9. Take a bath.
10. Make popcorn.
11. Call someone you like and have a chat.
12. Go to your favorite house plant and talk to it for a while, 13. compliment its foliage.
13. Take a nap!
14. Draw.
15. Go on a walk around your neighborhood.
16. Watch your favorite television show.
17. Pick some flowers.
18. Listen to a genre of music you've never listened to before.
19. Go to the library and enjoy the silence and smell.
20. Go shopping at the Dollar Store! Buy a couple dumb things you don't need.
21. Give yourself a pedicure.
22. Stare out the window for 30 minutes and record everything you see in a journal.
23. Watch a funny movie.
24. Test your physical abilities: see how long you can hold your breath, stand on your toes, etc.
25. Clean your room. Everybody feels better in a clean room.
26. Design your dream house.
27. Go out in the yard and do cartwheels right now!
28. Read your local newspaper.
29. Sign up to volunteer in your community.
30. Reorganize your closet.
31. Go through your shoes and clothes and donate 10 items to Goodwill.
32. Write a short story (even if it's only a page).
33. Hang out with your parents.
34. Eat a spoonful of peanut butter.
35. Learn the words to a song.
36. Finger paint.
37. Cook your family dinner.
38. Do a handstand.
39. Tie-dye a shirt.
49. Lay on the ground and flop around like a fish.
41. Starts planning holiday presents you can make yourself for loved ones.
42. Google your birthdate.
43. Call your grandparents and tell them why you feel bad. I bet they have some good advice.
44. Learn some new dance moves.
45. Watch every Beyonce video you can find.
46. Beat a video game.
47. It's never too early to start looking into colleges!
48. Bake cookies from scratch.
49. Go play basketball with some friends.
50. Play a card game with your brother.
51. Curl your hair.
52. Ask a friend to scratch your back.
53. Wash the dishes in your house without being asked.
54. Go through your year book and circle the people who are the nicest to you.
55.Read an article in the New York Times.
56. Learn to skateboard.
57. Make Popsicles out of your favorite soda.
58. Do five minutes of jumping jacks and see how you feel.
59. Watch a movie with subtitles.
60. Write a letter to yourself to be opened in one year.

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